Creativity deals with criticism

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When you’re just starting out on your crafting journey, criticism of your work can be heart breaking. You’re trying so hard to defeat or deal with your inner demons and someone comes along and “dumps” all over you. Criticism comes from various sources: a well-meaning friend who is trying to protect you by telling you their version of the truth or sometimes it can come from someone who is envious of you. Sometimes the comments are all about someone else’s feelings.

     Two of the great things about blogging in WordPress are, at least for me, “stats: and “comments.” You get to see who has visited your blog and where they’re from and who has commented. I had never blogged before, so I read “everything” I could find about WordPress. I set up my site through trial and error and with some trepidation I wrote my first post. I told myself that I might not please everyone but I might inspire someone to pick up a journal and write.

     Trust your instinct and keep the goal in mind.

     Happy Crafting! Happy Journaling!

‘Til next time,