How I solved _______________

How I solved an age-old dilemna

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Have you ever, in your quest to organize your craft room, put something down and forgotten where you put it? This phenome does not just strike senior crafters, it indiscriminately targets everyone!

Awhile back I was making birthday cards to “beef up” my card inventory and I needed a bow for an image. So I started searching in the usual places. No luck. I then chose to search in un-usual places. No luck. So rather than spend time I didn’t have, I put “bows” on my Look For list and moved on with my day.

The “bow thing” kept creeping into my subconscious and finally yesterday I decided to spend the better part of the day searching for all the Look For items in my craft room. After an exhaustive search the bows were found. They were in a large box under my desk. I also found a stylus that had rolled under a marker tray and an embossing folder in a drawer marked Christmas dies. Then and there  I decided to find a permanent home for my stuff.

I use tiny bows and ribbon a lot so I needed to find something large enough to store them and keep them accessible. My husband came up with the idea of a box of boxes. Each of the 5 empty boxes used to hold #10 envelopes (4 1/8” x 9 ½”) and were contained in a large storage box. I couldn’t use the boxes to hold heavy stuff but bows and ribbon?

I organized the washi tape, tiny bows and ribbon into plastic bags by color/theme and put them in one of the boxes. I labeled all 4 sides of the box “bows and ribbon”. Voila! Mission accomplished. The stylus was taped to my scoreboard and the embossing folder was filed with the others.

Now, back to crafting….

‘Til next time,