Biggest Challenge

My Biggest Challenge

Dear Fellow Crafters,

     My challenge this month is organizing my editorial calendar for my blogs. I try and maintain a schedule for writing at least a month in advance with topics I chose in December. However, the summer in New England this year was beyond hot! I know “no excuses” – but gee whiz – it felt like over 100 most days. Who feels like writing when it is so hot? I haven’t figured this out yet so I need some advice –

How do you tackle your blog posts?

Thanks in advance,



3 thoughts on “My Biggest Challenge

  1. How funny – you have hit on one of the VERY few topics I was going to write about at some point! I have about 5 subjects in my head that might be possible material. Otherwise I am disorganised as hell. Often I make something when I get home from work and try to take photos before it gets dark, and then think about something to write or say! Sometimes it is ‘make’ one day and ‘write’ the next. But I don’t post every day or it would be too difficult. This lack of planning is glaringly obvious in my blog though so I would not recommend it! Your idea sounds way better!

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comments. We will see what October brings as I will be working, strike that – creating Holiday cards for upcoming craft fairs and I haven’t written a thing yet. Added to that scenario, there are so many things I have to do already – getting car ready for winter, ordering oil for house, hair cut, shopping -you know regular stuff! I do plan on taking pictures of cards/ornaments if I can find my camera!

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