Creativity and exercise

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When I say ‘exercise’ do you cringe? Now, I’m not talking about push-ups. I’m talking about everyday, in every way creating something.

Do you have a creative space? Do you listen to music while crafting? Do you work alone? Do you create early in the morning or in the middle of the night?


     Creating every day does not always entail your putting markers on paper or painting a picture. The habit of creating every day, whatever form it takes can be addictive and believe it or not, you can miss it if you stop.

     My last job before I retired had a 2 hour commute one way. In order to create every day I had to get up at 4 am. Some mornings all I did was die-cut one image. Some mornings I collected all the elements for the card I was making. My finished product sometimes took a week to complete. When I woke up late and didn’t craft I really felt that something was missing!

     If you flip through craft magazines or read a book about painting on the bus or train are you crafting? Yes!

     If you doodle your design on a notepad at work while waiting for a customer or client to get answers to your call or email are you crafting? Yes!

     If you color with your grandchildren or bake a casserole are you crafting? Yes!

     Open your mind to seeing the world with new eyes. If you can’t actually craft until later, help the “inspiration” along by new steps, learning new techniques and practicing new exercise routines.

Happy Crafting,