Researching on Pinterest

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Ok, I admit it. I have an addiction to Pinterest. As I stated in June – see link, I love surfing all the pins and boards to discover ideas for cards. I learn a lot about techniques, discover u-tube videos I didn’t know existed, found pictures of Wysocki paintings and more. I like the fact that everything is organized and I can shape and re-shape my boards.

Like all addictions, Pinterest can rob you of time. You can get lost pretty quickly in the maze of pictures and ideas. You need a timer or bread crumbs to find your way out of the many alluring topics. Pinterest can lead you on to websites too, which is a good thing. You can then discover more goodies to research.

More and more people are using Pinterest to sell their products too, so you can literally research and shop at the same time. I wonder though sometimes if all this surfing and buying on-line, is robbing us of the ability to communicate.

If all we do is chat, surf, buy on-line – isn’t that a little like living as a hermit? Never mind about sunshine, what about people? You can’t see a person’s reaction to your creation or get a real hug from a friend or family member. Virtual reality is great but I sometime wonder if we’re not be sucked down the rabbit hole too quickly. Beware the dangers lurking in your computer….

Haunting isn’t it??




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