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Dear Fellow Crafters,

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to include inspirational tidbits for my readers on a weekly basis. Some of you have commented on them – thanks for that. You never know if what you are writing is helping someone or not but I keep on writing and sending out my “babies” into the void of the internet and hope that someone out there (gee this sounds like a sound bite from Star Trek!) will be helped.

For those of you who follow my other blog – you know that I include a Word Ghost post every Friday. Word Ghosts are sayings or quotes from authors, statesmen, politicians, actors etc. that I wish I had said.  Anyway, I was thinking of creating a list of crafty word ghosts and wanted to know if you all could help??? If you have any sayings you would like to share, please email me a



Biggest Challenge

Finding time

Dear Fellow Crafters,

There’s a new television program on this season called “Timeless”. The premise is that a team travels back in time to prevent the bad guy from changing the events of the past so that the present remains intact. One of the first shows had the bad guy trying to change the events of the crashing of the Hindenburg.

We couldn’t control time then and we can’t now. Finding time to complete a “to do” list or planner notation is getting harder and harder for all of us. Life has a way of getting in the way when we’re trying to do something. We read newsletters, blogs, newspaper headlines and Facebook posts. Lots of us even schedule reading our emails at specific times and yet we all complain that when we spend time on the internet we “get nothing done.”

So, how do we find time to do everything (or rather some things) on our “To Do” lists?  To crafters, I would suggest organizing and labeling everything. I try to put away my stuff after a marathon of card making but sometimes I don’t. When that happens, I always want to ‘hit myself’ cause I make more work for myself. I have to put things away before I can enjoy myself.  One of the things that bugs me is all those paper scraps. You know the ones I mean. I finally started sorting them by color and type white core, textured, bold colored cardstock, etc. Some crafters use plastic bags but I found a photo box that did the trick for me. I just put the bigger sheets together in a large plastic envelope and the scraps in the box.  The regular sized 9 1/2″ x 11″ are stored in a paper sorter.

For those of you who have oodles of newsletters, blog posts, articles you want to read are they front and center on your desktop? Do you mean to read them “one day when you have time” but never seem to get around to it? Try reading a book that I found immensely helpful: “10 Minute Digital DeClutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload” by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport.

Happy Crafting,


Adventures in Card-Making

Update on Fair – Day 2

Dear Fellow Crafters,

So Day 2 started off very slowly. The organizers had free donuts and coffee for all vendors which was unexpected but very much appreciated. The pace picked up around 11:00-1pm but most were lookers UNTIL one lady rushed over to my table. She exclaimed how excited she was that I was there as she had bought some of my cards last year. She proceeded to buy $16 worth of Christmas cards for her family!  While she was sorting through my display, another lady bought a reindeer and sleigh tabletop piece I had made.

The pace really picked up and pretty soon, I had “made” my table fee again! I ended up with a sizeable profit and almost all my holiday cards sold. Now, I am sure you are wondering how I will ever remember what cards were sold – well, due to the incredible generous gift from a good friend, I have a digital camera. I had taken pictures of every holiday card in my inventory, so now all I have to do is match up those I still have and voila, I will have the ones that were sold!

To top off the day, I won a beautiful hand-knit lap blanket from the raffle held after the fair. Local merchants from the town as well as vendors had donated baskets of products (baseball cards, gift cards, a crock pot with recipe books etc.) for the raffle.

Another worthwhile crafting experience. My advice for picking a venue is pick one that is popular in the town, a good date, craft vendors not vendors like Pampered Chef, and one that attracts younger and older buyers.

Happy crafting season,


Adventures in Card-Making

Update on the fair

Dear Fellow Crafters,

One day in and I made my table fee!  Isn’t it interesting how we crafters feel about our creations? Our “babies” (cards, knitted caps and blankets, jewelry) sit on a table and are viewed by “strangers”. These strangers read buyers examine our creations and we hold our breaths. Will they like it? And if not, why not??

Then when they buy our creations, w say goodbye and hope they are going to a good home. Interesting…

Anyway, one more day…

For more about my crafting adventure see my craft fair adventure.