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Ooops! I made a mistake

Dear Fellow Crafters,

‘Come on, admit it. You’ve done it too. That perfect card with the un-expected ink smudge, the background paper that was uneven, the card sketch or colors that just didn’t “sing” and finally, the card that was hurriedly made and not your best.

We’ve all got card fronts or stamped images hidden away in a “junk drawer”. So what’s a crafter to do? Make new creations!

Back in the early summer, before it got hot, I started making my craft/card inventory. I started with what I had in stock and organized my card needs by category ie: Baby, birthday, get well, holiday etc. (more about this next week). I pulled out my paper stash and sketch books. I had ideas of cards I wanted to make and needed to see what I need to make. I found a un-labeled (the horror, the horror!) box and in it was a stash of my mistakes by category, no less. Wow! I was really happy. It was like getting a brand new collection of stuff. The smudged card fronts were salvageable after all. It turns out that “fussy cutting” really does work. All I had to do was find cardstock, paper and glue and voila, new cards!

Next I tackled the un-even paper. I cut the card in half and after assembling some embellishments and die cuts made collaged holiday cards. Only I knew what the original card looked like and I wasn’t telling!

The cards that didn’t “sing” turned out to be the hardest to figure out what to do with them. I wasn’t going to throw them out. My hubby suggested putting a frame around some of the images and that worked. I had forgotten some color schemes and had originally relied on “What always worked before”.

Now, I know that not every one has a mistake drawer but I’m sure glad I kept mine!

‘Til next time,