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Update on the fair

Dear Fellow Crafters,

One day in and I made my table fee!  Isn’t it interesting how we crafters feel about our creations? Our “babies” (cards, knitted caps and blankets, jewelry) sit on a table and are viewed by “strangers”. These strangers read buyers examine our creations and we hold our breaths. Will they like it? And if not, why not??

Then when they buy our creations, w say goodbye and hope they are going to a good home. Interesting…

Anyway, one more day…

For more about my crafting adventure see my craft fair adventure.



3 thoughts on “Update on the fair

    1. Another update. I was in a grocery store last week and s woman came up to me and said ” You’re the lady who makes cards!”I acknowledged that, yes, I make cards and how did she know me? She then informed me that she had bought some of my cards and that her family loved them! I thanked her, took her contact info and told her about my Pinterest account (where I have listed my cards and jars) and she said she would contact me. So, yes, sometimes I never know if my products are being appreciated and then something happens..

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