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Update on Fair – Day 2

Dear Fellow Crafters,

So Day 2 started off very slowly. The organizers had free donuts and coffee for all vendors which was unexpected but very much appreciated. The pace picked up around 11:00-1pm but most were lookers UNTIL one lady rushed over to my table. She exclaimed how excited she was that I was there as she had bought some of my cards last year. She proceeded to buy $16 worth of Christmas cards for her family!  While she was sorting through my display, another lady bought a reindeer and sleigh tabletop piece I had made.

The pace really picked up and pretty soon, I had “made” my table fee again! I ended up with a sizeable profit and almost all my holiday cards sold. Now, I am sure you are wondering how I will ever remember what cards were sold – well, due to the incredible generous gift from a good friend, I have a digital camera. I had taken pictures of every holiday card in my inventory, so now all I have to do is match up those I still have and voila, I will have the ones that were sold!

To top off the day, I won a beautiful hand-knit lap blanket from the raffle held after the fair. Local merchants from the town as well as vendors had donated baskets of products (baseball cards, gift cards, a crock pot with recipe books etc.) for the raffle.

Another worthwhile crafting experience. My advice for picking a venue is pick one that is popular in the town, a good date, craft vendors not vendors like Pampered Chef, and one that attracts younger and older buyers.

Happy crafting season,



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