Friday Scribblings

Christmas Word Ghosts

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Give the following gifts all year:


To your enemy…. forgiveness.

To your opponent…. Tolerance

To a friend,,,, your heart.

To a customer… service.

To all men,,, Charity.

To every child… a good example.

To yourself… respect.


Adventures in Card-Making

Holiday Thank You cards

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Holiday thank you cards are easy and quick to make. The easiest ones, I have found, are small print holiday backgrounds with die cut labels and a simple ‘Thank You’ stamped or die cut on top.¬† The hard part is what to write. So in researching this topic I found some ideas:

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely  ________
  2. I shall enjoy spending the gift voucher_______
  3. What a thoughtful gift you sent for the boys, they love lego_____ (or substitute girls and gift)
  4. You shouldn’t have ______
  5. We shall treasure the time we spent together this holiday season.

Note: When making your Christmas cards, make a few Thank You cards as well. That way they’ll be on hand when you need them.

Happy Crafting,