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Everything is better with glitter

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Let’s face it, if you’re a crafter, you use glitter. The younger crafters among us refer to this product as “bling.” Either way, glitter makes everything sparkle but chances are we hardly use it. Why, you ask – because of the mess.  If ever there was a season to change that action this is it!!  If you doubt this, check out the sleigh below:

santa and sleigh


Before we get to controlling the mess, I learned some new things about this great craft product since my last post about glitter Glitter, glitz and glamour  that I thought I would share with you. When considering buying glitter you have to think about the type or project you want to use glitter on, how long the glitter must stay on the project  and the size of the glitter.  Some types of glitter are:

Micro glitter ( a very fine glitter)

Glass glitter (glitter made from glass- really!)

Tinsel glitter (long, thin strands of glitter)

Flocking glitter (glitter in flocking powder- think snow on roofs, trees etc.)

Embossing powder (glitter powder- you can make you own)

Now that you are seriously thinking about using glitter again and wondering, like me, where those jars are in your craft room, I invite you to check out these tips I found recently on controlling the mess that makes you hesitant to try using glitter again:

1.   Apply baby powder to your hands before using craft glitter and it will not stick.

2.   Don’t touch the glitter on your project until it is completely dry. You know the old adage: Look, but don’t touch.

3.    Baby wipes work well when trying to remove glitter from tables and hard floors. Use a lint roller for rugs.

Rule of thumb:  The finer the glitter, the less glue should be used.

Stencils are a great way to shape glue into any shape or letter. You can use regular stencils or the negative image from a die. If using a stencil, fill out the stencil with a bead of glue. Lift the stencil to make sure that it is not glued in place. Allow the glue to set for the amount of time specified on the bottle then sprinkle on the glitter. Shake off the loose glitter then let dry.

Check out this great video  Glitter on cards

and…. if you seriously think that you couldn’t possibly use loose glitter, here are some tips for adding some sparkle to your holiday cards:

  1. Try glitter cardstock. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. It comes in a small packet of pages that can be cut, punched or die-cut.
  2. Try glitter glue. It comes in lots of colors and is ideal in that it adds color and sticks to your image.
  3. For shimmer rather than bling, use DecoArt Glamor Dust on your pieces. This very fine glitter adds a sophisticated sparkle and can be added to your piece with paint, ink or glue.
  4. Use a fine-tip glue pen or paintbrush and loose glitter.

Happy Crafting!








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