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The strange language of Millimeters

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Years ago in 1983, the American government decided to use the universal millimeter instead of inches for measurements. It’s still confusing to me, so when I started subscribing to British craft magazines and they used the dreaded “MM and CM” in card making tutorials, I went on-line to learn how to decipher the language. After all, ” when in Rome…” Anyway, these are two of the best conversion charts I have found. Be sure to bookmark them, ’cause you’ll be using them often.

card making table and video (bookmark

US measures here’s a handy conversion table!

Millimetres     Inches
5mm     ¼ inch
10mm    ½ inch
20mm    ¾ inch
25mm    1 inch
30mm    1¼ inches
40mm    1½ inches
50mm    2 inches
75mm    3 inches
100mm   4 inches
120mm   4½ inches
150mm   6 inches
170mm   6½ inches
180mm   7 inches
200mm   8 inches
230mm   9 inches
240mm   9½ inches
250mm   10 inches
280mm   11 inches
300mm   12 inches
320mm   12½ inches


Happy Crafting!



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