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Better late than never

Dear Fellow Crafters,

So, I need to tell you….. A really good friend starts out most of her stories this way.  Have you ever had an occasion where you meant to do something and got side-tracked??

Well, a few years ago, this really good friend gave me a digital camera that had once belonged to her mom. She was clearing out the house after her mom died and found the camera and knowing I didn’t own one gifted it to me. I had all the intentions in the world to take pictures of all my cards, tags, ornaments, mason jar creations and share them on Pinterest, this blog and FaceBook but life got in the way. Well, I finally took the pictures! I have tried to keep them in some sense of order so that you can “admire” them. The Holiday cards are on Pinterest so here are the tags and ornaments I made last year. Enjoy!


P.S. I am so proud of the sleigh and reindeer tabletop decoration. They are made from heavy cardboard, paper, felt and glitter paper. I made 6 of them some with tiny trees and packages and sold them at the craft fair.

dsci0144 dsci0142dsci0141dsci0135

dsci0146dsci0162dsci0185dsci0186dsci0189   this one is the back of the tags, showing the pocket.


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