Biggest Challenge


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Sleigh and Reindeer

Have you ever tried crafting with Styrofoam? I tried using it when making my Sizzix sleigh and reindeer displays for the craft fair last year. The initial results were down right pathetic! I have since learned a few tricks in handling this versatile product.

One of my mistakes was trying to cut up one of the sheets with scissors. I have since learned that a serrated knife, hacksaw, floral knife or x-acto knife work much better.

Since the base was white already, I had decided to glue faux snow onto the “plank.” I initially used school glue but it was runny and didn’t work well. Imagine my surprise, when I found Styrofoam Glue the other day! In the end, I used ModPodge and sprinkled the snow (bought in a bag at Michael’s) all over the plank. The sleigh sat on top of the “snow covered ” display with a mini Dollar Store Christmas tree and several small packages “presents” inside. The die-cut Prancing Deer completed the scene.  Problem solved. I only wish I’d seen that glue earlier!

‘Til next time,