word ghosts

Word Ghosts get stuck, sometimes

“Sometimes when I’m stuck or have just purchased a new die or rubber stamp I look for sketches – designs other card makers have used with my new toy. Sometimes I’ll copy the idea using my own papers and embellishments. Sketches are handy tools!”



Wait, what’s a brayer?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Several years ago brayers were used wildly in the rubber stamp world. Then suddenly they disappeared. A brayer is a small hand roller that was traditionally used in printmaking. It can also be used to ink stamps as well as produce decorative results. A brayer’s  roller is made of hard rubber that can be smooth or have a decorative surface.

A brayer is very simple to use. Simply roll the brayer over an ink pad before lifting it and rolling the brayer over a rubber stamp or paper. Like everything else, you need to keep the roller clean. Water soluble inks and paints can be cleaned off by putting it in soapy water while permanent pigment inks need to be cleaned per manufacturer’s recommendations. To dry, simply roll onto scrap paper. Brayers are available in all craft stores and are priced between $8-$15 .

For some simple brayer techniques check out this link


Happy Crafting,

P.S. Watch this video!  I am actually going to try this technique today!


Biggest Challenge

Keeping costs down

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Well its tax season again and we’ve pulled out our receipts and if you’re like me, you’ve had mixed reactions as to how much you spent on your crafting supplies over the last year. You could justify the expenses by telling yourself and your significant other (if you have one) that it’s more than your hobby, it’s your passion and the prices are going up not down for most everything.

So how do we keep costs down for our favorite crafts?

Here are 15 tips (some I have yet to try!)

  1. Research retail (brick and mortar) stores for the brands they sell.
  2. Compare prices on-line.
  3. Learn about your craft before you buy expensive equipment. Remember my past post about a Score Board?
  4. Can you test any tools at a craft store?
  5. Does another friend like scrapbooking, floral arranging, knitting too? Can you share items?
  6. Look for gently used rubber stamps at tag sales.
  7. Consider the tool carefully, I’m thinking of buying a MISTI but I want to wait until I see a coupon or what other companies make that are comparable.
  8. Maintain equipment. Learn how to clean and store rubber stamps, ink pads, die-cuts, cling and clear stamps after every use.
  9. Buy only supplies you know you’ll use. It’s ok to have a stash but don’t let the stash overwhelm the space you have to store it in.
  10. If you love floral arranging and are good at it, why not consider selling them? Take the extra money and save it.
  11. We card makers make cards to either give to friends/family and sell at craft fairs. If you’re a knitter or woodworker, why not think beyond your home base?
  12. Set a yearly budget of craft money and stick to it.
  13. Sell your services.
  14. Teach about your hobby, and finally

Write about your favorite hobby!

Remember tip #9  Tip

Happy Crafting,