Wait, what’s a brayer?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Several years ago brayers were used wildly in the rubber stamp world. Then suddenly they disappeared. A brayer is a small hand roller that was traditionally used in printmaking. It can also be used to ink stamps as well as produce decorative results. A brayer’s  roller is made of hard rubber that can be smooth or have a decorative surface.

A brayer is very simple to use. Simply roll the brayer over an ink pad before lifting it and rolling the brayer over a rubber stamp or paper. Like everything else, you need to keep the roller clean. Water soluble inks and paints can be cleaned off by putting it in soapy water while permanent pigment inks need to be cleaned per manufacturer’s recommendations. To dry, simply roll onto scrap paper. Brayers are available in all craft stores and are priced between $8-$15 .

For some simple brayer techniques check out this link

Happy Crafting,

P.S. Watch this video!  I am actually going to try this technique today!