Biggest Challenge

Business card dilemna

Dear Fellow Crafters,

I know what you are thinking! Today is a Tuesday – what’s up? Well, let me tell you. I was at a business breakfast a few weeks ago and while I was gone from the table to get more butter, my husband explained to the women seated near us, what my business Uniquely Yours was all about. When I returned to the table, they asked if I had a business card. Harmless question, right? Well, while I went hunting for one in my purse, the thought came to me that I really needed to update it. After all, I no longer had a website, I had a blog. I had Pinterest and Facebook accounts.  I made and sold Mason Jar Creations and the list kept growing.

I did find one and updated it hastily with my new email address but I put “Get new Business cards” on my mental agenda. Has anyone bought these lately? It was like finding a contractor! I wanted to use my logo (you know, the one on this blog) and so, I reasoned, I needed to customize it. I did not want to go through the trouble of creating and printing them myself (although in hindsight, it might have been cheaper!) and I didn’t want to buy a rubberstamp (although I could have done that too!) so I started researching. Yikes!!!

First of all, when you put “Business cards” in your browser, you get several options. You can buy from a catalog company, a printing company, a stationery company, Etsy, well, you get the point. Then after you choose which way you want to go, you need to decide what size card you want; paper type (matte, foil), lettering (script or plain Roman), logo, and format ( double-sided, front and back) . This was getting confusing.

I decided to go with the standard size, front and back type matte with my logo on the front, centered with Uniquely Yours in script on the bottom of the front side of the card with my info on the reverse. After reviewing the type and putting in my financial information, I clicked on the shopping cart and ordered my 150 cards. They should arrive in about 10 days. I decided on a small amount of cards, ’cause I wanted to be happy with them. I can always order more- craft fairs coming up. Anyway, does anyone have any ideas what to do with the old cards besides using them for gift tags??

The front of my business card. What do you think?


‘Til next time,