Signs you are addicted to Pinterest

Dear Fellow Crafters,

My husband and I used to watch a tv show on the Comedy Central Channel called “Blue Comedy Tour.” It starred comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Ron White. I bring this up because while I was binge-pinning (is that a word?) the other day, I remembered Jeff Foxworthy’s famous words “You must be a Redneck if you ____”. (Fill in your favorite word). I wondered if there were any signs that the experts were right. Pinterest is now being called a “Life Style site” that people are addicted to. So you must be a Pinterest pinner if:

  1.  All the lamps in your house have been replaced by mason jars.
  2. You continually say “why didn’t I think of that?!”
  3. Your travel plans have taken on a life of their own.
  4. Your daughter wears pillow case dresses.
  5. You dream of giant craft closets.
  6. You don’t buy, you DIY.
  7. Your grocery list is created from recipes you have pinned on Pinterest.
  8. If you make a fabulous desert your husband asks if you saw it on Pinterest.
  9. You may be addicted to Pinterest if you mention Pinterest at least once a week.
  10. You’ll repin this post.
  11. Pinterest has cost your craft budget way more than it should.
  12. You spend hours you could have been sleeping scrolling through Pinterest.
  13. You have more than 200 pins on your account right now. (It’s ok, stop reading and go check. BUT come back.)
  14. You’d love to spend hours on Pinterest but you’re to busy creating boards.
  15. You’ve ordered fast food so that you didn’t have to stop pinning.
  16. Your craft stash has a stash. (Just in case you have time to make all the Pinterest crafts you’ve seen.)
  17. Pinterest is your search engine.
  18. You pin instead of bookmarking.
  19. Your doctor has diagnosed you with Pinning Finger and Pinteresty. (Look it up).
  20. Your first inclination in research is Pinterest.

The other comedian on the tour was Bill Engval. His famous quote was “here’s your sign.” So, if more than 5 things above point to you, here’s your sign:


Happy Crafting,


PS check out my previous Pinterest post for more information.