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Coloring book page greeting cards


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Below are two examples of the use of coloring books and greeting cards.

Lately I’ve been using quite a few coloring book pages for my birthday/friendship greeting cards. At first I didn’t really want to cut up or die-cut an image out of a page I had spent time coloring. I also wondered if there were manufacturers who made coloring books especially for paper crafters.  I put the idea aside and just used rubber stamps and THEN companies began to realize that this phenomenon wasn’t going away. Lo and behold, one Saturday while browsing the aisles at Michael’s I saw it coloring book wrapping paper! Soon they were making coloring books for adults the size of post cards and regular greeting cards. While this was handy to be sure, I still wondered if I could use the oodles of colored pages.

Pinterest, of course, to the rescue. Above is a representative of using coloring books and paper.

Happy Crafting,



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