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Dear Fellow Crafters,

Thousands of articles and pictures have been shared by crafters over the years about crafting. Heck, there’ even a site that gives us all a visual scrapbook to “store” our ideas (Pinterest!). Anyway, there is seldom an article about the husband, significant other and/or partner and their input into our crafting lives. So when my husband, Ray, suggested writing a piece about his role in my crafting world, I said ok. So here it is. Enjoy.

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Crafters’ Cohort  AKA  “Husband in Tow”

I love my wife — I really do. We’ve been married for 47 years now, and I know what I’m talking about. She’s about as perfect a wife as one can get. One thing though —- she’s a “CRAFTER” !

To say that these 47 years have been an adventure, is an understatement!

Now, first, your wife must find HER craft after a series of trial and error. Mine took eight years. I don’t remember how many different crafts.

One thing that has not changed in all these years is the primary function of the husband, and that function is threefold:

1) Navigator – be sure your wife knows how to get to the store / shop. 

2) Driver- chauffeur is a better word. She can’t drive – she must read the ads for that store, plus clip any coupons.                   

3) “Wallet”— self-explanatory.

The virtues of a “husband in tow” (explain that one in a moment) must be many and varied.

·        Patient : The time your trip will take is totally unpredictable. If your crafter doesn’t like the store (my crafter could find something in hell) it will only be minutes. If the store is your crafters idea of heaven, you can go to Mars and back and she’ll never know you’re gone.

·        Strength: Some of that equipment, or ALL of that equipment she buys will take Hercules to get it to the car. Good idea: have a hernia doctor on speed dial.

·        Ability to learn new languages and the ability to add to your vocabulary daily. “Crafterspeak” is a language all its own, and changes with every new thing to come along.

·        Cheer leader: This is a tough one to get right. In the beginning, as she is learning, everything is brilliant, marvelous, wonderful, best thing you ever saw. At mid-level, you might get the nerve to question about color combos, minor stuff like that. At the master expert level, if you have the courage that would win medals on any battlefield, you might have reached the point where you might say “Honey, far from your best.” If you do it right, all these levels will bring rewards from your crafter.

Now once you are comfortable with your crafters “little world that she lives in” you can finally start to deal with her foibles on your own terms.

You can begin to do things like:

·        Honey, since the craft store is one you’ve been to a million times, would you mind if I stayed home and watched the game ?

·        Honey, do you know how long we’ll be, because I really should stay home and do my “honey do” list ? (certainly, a LIE)

·        When you’ve finally been successful at mastering the crafter world, you MIGHT be brave enough to just use this old one: Honey, I have a headache.

Now one of the best things that can happen to you is the owner / manager who understands your plight. (Of course, this is profit motivated. The longer your crafter is in the store, unhampered by you, the more money she’ll spend)

Case in point: A few years ago we went on vacation to Virginia. MY job: Plan every possible detail related to a Va. vacation. CRAFTERS job: Find every craft store / shop in Va., and tell me to plot the course.

So we get there, locating a store only Magellan at his best could find. Crafter is greeted by an owner / manager (EXTREMELY attractive I might say) who smiles, asks her interests, and points her thusly. Suddenly, like I had been “beamed down”, she says “Ah, the husband in tow !” (if she hadn’t of been so good lookin’ I would have smacked her)

We’re used to husbands being “towed” in here. I have something special for you! She takes me by the arm to the window, points me slightly to the right, and says: “The bar is over there. I have their number, I’ll call them when your crafter is done.”

So $143.74  later, plus the cost of my bourbon and beer, we leave happy – crafter, store owner, bar owner, husband in tow.


So to men everywhere I advise: THINK about it carefully! Marry a crafter and THIS is your FATE !


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