Essential Tools Part 2

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Part 2 of our series on Essential Tools follows:

Glue Eraser: I never really thought I needed one of these, until I made a card and too much glue seeped out from under an embellishment one day. An ordinary eraser did not work; a paper towel stuck and in the end, I had to abandon my original idea and start over! You can find these in almost any craft store.

Heat Tool: Back in the day, these tools cost a “pretty penny” but were essential if you wanted to heat emboss. I would also suggest that you buy a anti-static tool to wipe the surface of the card before stamping. This will ensure the powder sticks only to the inked parts.

Heat Mat: This is similar to a craft mat. You use it to keep work surfaces safe when using a heat gun or hot glue gun. If you want to safe money, you could use an old ceramic tile instead.

Hot Glue Gun: This electric-powered tool works by heating glue sticks to a high temperature that creates a durable, clear adhesive. It’s really good at attaching gems and flowers to surfaces.

Paper Distressed: This bladed tool fits in the palm of your hand. You use it to create a distressed look to the card surfaces.

Paper Trimmer: This really essential tool cuts edges in one quick movement. Many trimmers come with various blades such as scallop, straight or wavy edges.

Part 3 next week.