Father’s Day card sentiments

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Finding the right words for a father’s day card can make all the difference! When you are ready to add the sentiment, “Happy Father’s Day” seems so bland. You can type a poem, song lyric, quotation or even something Dad says all the time. Some creative ways to showcase your sentiments are:

1. You can write a father’s day poem on decorated paper and insert into your handmade card.

2. Print the short poem onto the front of the card and decorate the sides with embellishments.

3. Record your message or made a video.

Some writing tips:

1. If your relationship with your father is complicated, don’t feel obligated to make your message more complimentary or effusive than you feel. Instead be sincere and focus on what’s true. Wish him a good day.

2. If you have a Grandfather make it personal, by addressing him by his familiar title or nickname.

3. Don’t hesitate to send a card to any men who are like a father/mentor to you.

4. A warm closing before your signature is like the bow on top of a present. Some suggestions are: “Warmly, with love, love always, wishing you happiness, warmest wishes.”

The men in your life:

Your father, Grandfather, husband, partner, brother, friend, mentor, son, grandson, father-to-be or new father will surely appreciate your remembering them.

‘Til next time,