Adventures in Card-Making

Ombr`e coloring

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Ombre is a fun color technique that started with home decor and clothing and made its way to paper-crafting. Usually it’s the other way around! Think of creating a sunset and you’re on your way to crafting with this color technique.

One of the easiest way to use ombre coloring is to create a background with a paper that is already pre-printed in an ombre color scheme.

To create your own paper you can try using an ombre ink pad.They come with a graduated color built into the ink with one end being the darker pigment of color and the other end being the lightest color. This technique works best with a solid image or a sentiment.. Alternatively, you can use a foam- blending sponge and either an ombre dye or pigment ink pad and sponge the ink onto card stock. One last idea is to use fabric dye on paper. Mix the dye as directed then lower the pale to the solution. The longer you leave the card stock in the solution the darker the color.

Have fun!

Creatively yours,

~Sallie o