Adventures in Card-Making

Chipboard is coming back!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

There is good news for crafters who like to paint! Chipboard is coming back.  Wait?? Where did it go? Well, it never really left the crafting field, it just sorta faded away.  Chipboard is still sold in craft stores but papercrafters discovered die-cutting and chipboard shapes and images got left behind in the dust until now! It seems that designers like the versatility of this medium and are incorporating it in all matter of art.

Now this is good news for me. You see, as a crafty senior citizen, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on every die-cut shape their is- wait! Did I really just write that? Yup, I did. Chipboard will often cost way more than a die-cut and still be useful.  So, let me share this story with you.

When our son was about 11 years old he became fascinated with dinosaurs. He wanted a dino-themed birthday party in the worst way. Now this was way before I learned about die-cutting. I, however, “played” with chipboard. Using fabric and acrylic paint, I fashioned birthday party invites and decorated a tablecloth. I kept the dino and low and behold, dinosaurs are back in the crafting world too! Below are card samples using chipboard shapes.


.  Baby Girl Announcement
White card stock, die-cut into girl romper. Pink check paper, pink eyelets and silk bow. 5″ x 7″. Sold with sentiment: “I’m here!”


.  My Granddaughter’ s Christening Invitation Pink cardstock and ribbon. 5″x7″ $2.75
Patches is made using a discontinued rubber stamp from Azadi Earles, brown and blue paper.
Patches warms my heart!