Adventures in Card-Making

Loosing my mind (craft item)

Dear Fellow Crafter,

I recently spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a rubber stamp. I knew the maker; I had a reasonable idea where it was located; and yet it was nowhere to be found! Frustrated and hot under the collar, I gave up and used something else. I put the item on my “look for” list and went on about my day.The idea that I could not find my craft item bothered me.

I recently found a book by Michael Solomon who claims that the average person spends an average of two months of their lifetime searching for lost objects. Imagine how many “craft items you could make in two months! His solution is a set of 12 principles. Let’s see if we can apply his ideas.

His first principle is rather disconcerting – Don’t look for it immediately. Remain calm and go to the place where you think the object is located.

Try to convince yourself that the object is not lost – you are.( is he crazy?)

Maybe your lost item is hiding in the first place where it really belongs.Search thoroughly.

Where did you last use it? (No brainer here!)

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and recreate the scene of what you were doing when…

Look once in each area but don’t repeat the process.

Maybe the object rolled nearby? Check under your craft table.

Follow the trail.You picked up the paper then the inspiration magazine, then the phone rang…

Could someone else have moved it?This idea is not really absurd. If you object rolled near where your spouse was sitting, maybe they moved it and forgot to tell you.

Call off your search.You probably didn’t give it away so it will show up someday.

Let me know if you find my rubber stamp!!!