Adventures in Card-Making

Discovering old stamps

Dear Fellow Crafters,

How often has this happened to you? You pull out from your stash, all the themed rubber stamps, die-cuts, paper, embellishments etc. for a season of crafting and discover a long-lost ___. The first time this happens you look at (what we will refer to as “xxyy”) and the memories come flooding back to you. “The last time I used “xxyy” was to make that great card for my Mom.” Then your brain (is it the left side or the right side?) starts spinning what can I use it for next? Would it work with what I’m doing now? Why did I stop using it? and finally, Do I really need this?

This predicament happened to me awhile ago and I went through the usual process described above. I was rubber stamping in the 1990’s and used primarily wood-mounted stamps. I didn’t really use the cling or clear stamps until much later, even after they’d been on the market for a while. Old habits, I guess. The problem was always alignment and ghosting and I admit I did loose some tiny ones on my desk. I was given a Fiskar Stamp Press  to solve this problem and that certainly helped with the immediate problems. I had bought a few clear stamps from various companies and used them for a while but then along came die-cutting and for some reason the clear and cling stamps were abandoned.

After some consideration, I decided to keep the bunny clear stamp and use it for my Easter cards. I made a note to myself to go through the drawer at the end of the crafting session and see what I had. I might just find a new toy but in the meantime can someone tell me what a MISTI is?

Happy Crafting,