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Are you making a mistake?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Are you making a mistake with your handmade business?

See the video and find out:


Too Much Stuff!

Embellishments run amok!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Have you ever been faced with this dilemma? You run out of some craft item, go to the store buy the item and THEN FIND THE ITEM IN YOUR CRAFT ROOM !

I finished my holiday crafting and was in the midst of breaking out Valentine’s Day items when I discovered I was out of self-adhesive heart gems. The thing was I could almost remember having some SOMEWHERE but drove myself crazy looking for them. I “sorta” remember putting them near my Apple Blossom embossing folders from Craft Stash’ Now, for those of you who wonder why, well,these are the folders with the “wave” in the middle.

Anyway, I finally found the gems in an unusual place and promptly decided to organize them to make them more visible and accessible. I originally wanted to use mason jars but the gems and pearls come with a pre-packaged piece of cardstock. So I used Ziploc bags color-coded of course.

Some ideas for you:

  • Staple the sets of embellishments to pieces of cardstock, divided by color and store them in a binder.
  • Store in Tupperware or frustrations by color.
  • Store in cd cases.


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The Disappearing Act

Dear fellow Crafters,

Over the holidays, a disturbing force came over the land. It was the announcement that two craft stores in our state were closing their doors. (A.C.Moore and Joanne’s Fabric Store) Then, amidst the hue and cry came the news that these closings were national!

According to news reports the 145 stores failed to adapt to the changing marketplace.Some of A.C. Moore stores were to merge with Michael’s. Then on the heels of that news came another bombshell -Joanne’s was closing nationwide also. Now it seems that both of these retailers failed to realize the changing dynamic of today’s consumers. The target crafter with the most disposable income was either not interested in making something from scratch -wanting to buy items already made or simply did not have the time to pursue the craft.The other thing was that the core dynamic of both stores stayed much the same. Oh, some new vendors were added  but mostly both the layout of the stores and the merchandise (seasonal and trending) remained the same. Discounts were routinely offered in print and on-line but we’re ever changing and so many items were excluded. From a corporate point of view closing made sense as apparently a fair to middling number of stores were not meeting their quotas.

To the crafter though -you and me – our crafting world just became more complicated.We were faced with the dilemma of shopping online directly from the manufacturer or Amazon or Wal-Mart.

Here’s my question for you – if you’re an American crafter where are you going to shop for your supplies?

Please share your comments below. We are all in this together!

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Are you stuck?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Are you stuck trying to wrap presents for the guys in your life? Designing cards and/or gift wrap for guys is a challenge at any time of the year. Luckily “there’s an app for that” -SERIOUSLY not! (At least I don’t think so)

Anyway, I checked into some sites and found that actually the holiday color trends of the season are pretty straight forward and easily adaptable for guys.

One of the trends is getting back to nature. White, red, gold, silver and green will always be a part of Christmas decor. This year the muted hues of the forest take center stage.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Bring Frosty the Snowman into the picture. I have always loved snowmen and try to make at least one card with snowmen (just ask one of my best friends).
  • Real foliage like pine cones and dark colored leaves.
  • Wood either painted or natural.
  • Holly -lots of holly
  • Plaid ribbon
  • The look of corduroy
  • Earthy colors.

See below for card and/or wrapping ideas.


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