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It’s almost time for glitter

Dear Fellow Crafters,

As you may remember, I love glitter. So since it’s almost time to dig out supplies to make Christmas decorations and cards and glitter, I thought it might be a good idea to see how to apply glitter. Watch and learn…




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Veterans Day

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Here in the United States, we celebrate Veterans Day today. Let’s take a moment to thank a veteran for putting his/her life on the line so we can enjoy the benefits of freedom. Some gave all they had.


Adventures in Card-Making

Marine Corps Birthday

Dear Fellow Crafters,

This is a reprint of 2015 – still a good one!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The U S Marine Corps celebrates its 243rd Birthday today!

Throughout history, Marines have faced tough times and many challenges. From 1775 when they were founded to today Marines have always excelled. They train hard and their training is always respected because “Send in the Marines” is not just a catchy phrase.

Today Marines from all generations gather together in groups large and small to celebrate the birthday of the corps.and to reflect on the legacy and warrior ethos that they share.

The Birthday Ball is rich in tradition. The ceremony involves the reading of the first Commandant’s message, the birthday message from the current Commandant, a guest speaker and a cake cutting ceremony.

The first piece of cake is given to the guest of honor. The second piece is given to the oldest Marine present. Upon receiving the second piece of cake the oldest passes the cake to the youngest Marine present. This signifies the passing of experience and knowledge to the young of the Corps.

Happy Birthday Marines!

~Sallie (proud wife of a Marine (retired)

. .   USMC

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