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Kite cards

Dear Fellow Crafters,

To me, this Kenny Chesney song “Summertime”, always reminds me of lazy days and kites. Enjoy!


When I think of the summer season, I think of lemonade, the beach, vacation days and flying kites. Back in the day before the internet, SmartPhones, video games you made up your own games outdoors from dawn to dusk. A few months ago I started watching reruns of a favorite tv western called Laramie (1960). The opening scene of the third season shows a youngster flying a kite off the back of a buckboard.

I wondered if I could create a kite card? Turns out there are nifty videos to help.


Enjoy your summer crafting days!


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‘Tis the season for Vellum

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Vellum is a translucent but not clear (like acetate) paper that is fragile but very versatile. It can be used in a variety of ways and lends an elegant “air” to many cards such as Mother’s Day or weddings that are coming up in the next few days. The following article (with pictures) will illustrate what I mean:


Happy Crafting



Tissue Paper Flowers in 5 steps!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When I was a teenager, one of my friend’s mother taught us how to make flowers using Kleenex. Back then you could only buy nasal tissue is white. Luckily I found tissue paper was a great substitute.

Fast forward to 2017 and an article in Issue 172 of Cardmaking and Papercraft. The good news -the only things you need are tissue paper, floral wire and scissors.

1. Choose what color flower you want to make, then cut squares of tissue paper. Each large flower (about 6″ across) uses 6 10″ square sheets and each small flower (about 4″ across) uses 6 7″ square sheet.

2. Lay the paper on top of each other and fold like a fan. Make each fold about 1″ wide. Using a ruler or bone folder make a strong crease.

3. Wrap a piece of floral wire around the center of the folded paper making sure to leave a long piece to act as a stem.

4. Cut around the ends of the folded paper to shape the petals. The easiest way is to do it all at once.

5. Carefully push the layers apart to form the flower.

word ghosts

Core Values

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Today’s word ghosts will be a bit different. What follows is Sizzix’s 10 Core Values (some of which could be used in any Customer Service Department in America today).

Sizzix’s Core Values
1. We must be the change we want to see – Mahatma Gandhi
2. TEAM- T-ogether, E-veryone, A-chieves, M-ore
3. Be a HERO to our customers
4. Respect all
5. Be the solution
6. Stay committed to your decisions, but stay accommodating in your approach
7. Expect excellence
8. Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things
9. Plan with a purpose
10. Work happy