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Clean up and give away…

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Where do you donate your extra stuff? Years ago, there was an organizing tv show starring Peter Walsh called “Clean Sweep”.I remember that the hosts were always trying to get the participants to understand that their lives were being consumed by too much stuff and they should donate, give away their stuff to relatives or friends. This begs the question though “where is the best place to donate my extra crafting stuff?”

If you’re a paper crafter like me, you may have an over-abundance of some of the following: paper, envelopes, ribbon, buttons, templates, card stock, markers etc. I had to do some research of course, but I found several outlets that actually needed some of my stuff.  A local nursery school, art department of a high school, and a library program. And now I have more space!  The trick is – keep the empty space empty- not sure how long this will last!


Adventures in Card-Making · Too Much Stuff!

Where do you keep your crafting ideas?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, there lived a group of crafters. They were clever folks who believed that with their talents and many ideas they had become their villages’ answer to the NEXT BIG THING.  Then disaster struck! They lost their ideas. They had so many of them, all in various secretive  places and they were lost.

OK – this is a fantasy. However, the last part, sadly is not. We crafters do tend to have so many ideas, stored in so many places that they may get lost or worse yet, finished products never made!

Long before the internet, there was email. Lots of us, crafters and non-crafters alike took our ideas from our browsers and stored them in folders on our laptops or in our email account. Then came newsletters, blogs, magazine galleries, craft store ideas. Then came the mysterious CLOUD and finally Pinterest.

Where do you store ideas? This situation came to a head for me this summer. I realized that I was never going to be able to make all the cards I wanted to. Other than all the magazines I have where was the bulk of my ideas and more importantly, how would I organize them? HMMMM. It’s interesting what you can find on the internet isn’t it? When I typed in the question I found this article “Why all crafters need a visual diary.” The author of this intriguing blog post, Felicia (creator of the Craft Sessions) explains it this way:

“All crafters need a visual diary and by visual diary I mean a notebook, Pinterest and an inspiration board.” Her article continues to say that visual diaries help you identify and prioritize which ideas to make. You can plan and gather supplies. “The visual diary allows your ideas to develop over time.” Sometimes you see an idea on Pinterest or on the web and say to yourself “I can make that.” The only thing is, after you start you realize that the original crafter used “X” to make the finished product and you don’t have “X”. Using a visual diary allows you to sketch out your idea and plan on how to implement your supplies. You can work on your design for a long time.

“Visual Diaries provide clarity about what your brain really likes which helps you make better things.” This is sorta like putting all your eggs in one basket, er, folder. Like the example above,, if you make “X” it will be different if you use your supplies instead of buying the exact same thing the original designer used. Pinterest, as I’ve often said, is a “godsend.” Pinning things on a board is a way of checking to see what you like over time. A visual diary will help your ideas become the best versions of themselves.

Happy Crafting,



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Embellishment Organization

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’re a paper/ card crafter like me, you tend to have a large stash of embellishments- buttons, woodenware, silk and paper flowers, brass and charms. When I first started using ” That Folder” I bought a number of self-adhesive gems and pearls. At first, I stored them in a drawer with the folder. As usual, I found that I was buying duplicates because they weren’t visible. Then I decided to use the clear pocket solution. Years ago, when our son was younger, he collected baseball cards. We bought him plastic storage pockets to store the growing collection. He left some of the pockets behind when he moved out so I thought that I had found a perfect solution.

Well, I started out by separating the colors and shapes of the gems and pearls. Then I took some left over white card stock and cut them down to fit the pockets. Sets of the same color fit together and others stood out because of the white card stock. I found a refrigerator storage box from IKEA and used it to store the gems.

Other ideas you can try are:

You could use ziploc baggies with a piece of cardstock inside to help the baggies keep their shape.
You could staple the sets of embellishments to pieces of cardstock, divide them by color, and store them in a fridge binz or a binder.
You could separate the embellishments by color and put each color group in a different ziploc baggie and then store them in a pretty basket.
You could store them in mason jars or Tupperware containers, grouped by color.
You could store several sets in clear CD  grouped by color.

Happy Crafting,





Too Much Stuff!

Filing “freebies”

Dear Fellow Crafters,

I have a dilemma. I have a bunch of cling rubber stamps with and without dies and some paper to match/ coordinate. All of these items are “freebies”. For those of you who subscribe to those great paper craft magazines published overseas, you know what I’m talking about.

I love my free gifts but how should I store them? Some crafters have suggested that you break up the set, labeling which magazine they came from. Some suggest that the paper should just be filed with your regular cardstock. Then there’s the question of the magazine. Do you file the magazine’s separately with the free gift or with others in order?

I finally decided to buy a binder with clear plastic sleeves. Each sleeve has a space for the article from its original magazine with the different ideas for the free gift, the gift complete with its paper or dies or stamps. I then made an index for the front of the binder with the magazine title, gift title and small representation of the gift. I’m still not sure if this is the way to go for filing “freebies” but it seems to work. Now I just have to remember where to put the binder!

Happy Crafting,


Too Much Stuff!

Too much stuff-punches, ribbon, scissors

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Our topic this time is about punches, ribbon and scissors. Feel free to share!


Craft Punches

     Craft punches need a lot of space. I originally stuck them in a drawer, but then had to sort through the pile until I found the right one! In the end, I decided on several options based on their size:

  1. shallow drawer
  2. open shelves
  3. over-the-door clear plastic pocket organizer


     Ribbon is sold flat, in rolls (some with adhesive), and loose in bags. Depending on the color and type, there are several ways to store ribbon.

     1. Cabinet drawers (well-labeled if not see-through)

     2. For spooled ribbon  try rods for over the door storage

     3. Pants rack – slide the ribbon spools over the rod and hang.

     4. Small glass or plastic containers can hold snippets of left-over ribbon.

     5. Re-purposed fruit baskets


     Scissors are sold by type. There are decorative-edged scissors, paper scissors, shears, cuticle scissors (for detailed cutting).

     1. Tool caddy

     2. Hang on a pegboard

     3. painting rack

     4. Store straight and cuticle separately on your word table

     5. Label the decorative-edged scissors by type.

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