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Old is new again

Dear Fellow Crafters,

In the 1970’s there was a fashion fad, that like all fads slowly disappeared. It was called a “bow blouse”. I had two, one in cream and one in white. They were designed so simply and yet so elegantly. They were extremely versatile. You could wear them with a skirt, pants, under a sweater vest, with jeans or with a suit. And then “poof” they were gone. Until last year they reappeared on an actress in a tv show called “Madame Secretary”.They were back and in different colors too.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what does this fashion fad have to do with crafts? It’s simple. For “some reason” some crafts catch on and others fade away. Fortunately, for us crafters, some of those crafts are reappearing.

For instance, when you were young, did you make paper flowers? I know I did. We used colored tissue paper. See the video below and revisit this crafting idea. Hey, spring will be here before you know it.


Here’s another craft, I bet you forgot-handmade envelopes. This time, using coloring pages. First you will need to color the images. Then using a template or the actual envelope trace around the template, fold in the points and useĀ  double sided tape to hold everything together.

Lastly did you like buttons when you were young? My grandmother has a huge stash of all different sizes, colors and types. I wish I knew what happened to them. I still use ones in my crafting.



Adventures in Card-Making · Tutorial · Video

How do you learn?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Is a video tutorial better than a written explanation?

Personally, I think both methods help crafters. A video gives a good overview and the written “pdf” gives the crafter specifics without having to play the video again. Also a video puts the project in a “3D” mode – you can see the project up close from different angles. There are other benefits to using a video to learn a new technique. If you’re a visual learner, you can see the project unfold.

Video tutorials are very popular now and there are hundreds of subjects available. Most videos are short with specific instructions. If you need moreĀ  products in order to make your item the video presenter will show you the package so you will know what to buy.You can skip unnecessary parts of the video and watch important portions over and over again.You can save the video!

Now, if you like to read instructions rather than see videos there are plenty of books and articles either on your local library or book store shelves or on-line. Written instructions are handy when buying products because you don’t always have your tablet with you.

So, what do you think?? How do you learn?? I would love to hear from you. Please comment below.