Friday Scribblings

Christmas Word Ghosts

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Give the following gifts all year:


To your enemy…. forgiveness.

To your opponent…. Tolerance

To a friend,,,, your heart.

To a customer… service.

To all men,,, Charity.

To every child… a good example.

To yourself… respect.


Friday Scribblings

Design Seeds Update!

Hello Fellow Crafters,

I won’t keep you long – I know you are crafting your fingers off right now, after all it’s 17 days to Christmas!!!

I have researched possible word ghosts for UYC posts and have come up with 12, one for each month. Drum roll please:

Sketch.     Embellishments.    Pattern.    Inspiration.    Magic

Collage.     Explore.    Color.    Modify.    Experiment.

One-of-a- kind.    Reinvent yourself


Let me know what you think.

Happy Crafting, ~Sallie