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Planner stamping (2)

Dear Fellow crafters,

Remember this post?

When I first started rubber stamping years ago, I stamped on every surface available! Wrapping paper, party paper napkins and tablecloths, magnets and of course greeting card blanks were fair game. I tried calendar stamping too but back then the stamps were very plain. So, with the newest fad of planners on the market, I thought I’d give it another chance. For those of you who are new to planner stamping, here’s a video just for you!

Happy Crafting,



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Getting wrapped up..

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Making your own designed wrapping paper and bags gives your present the “hand-made-by-me” look and says you cared enough to put your love and best wishes into your gift.

It’s easy to get started. All you need is ink (I use dye ink) rubber stamps, plain craft paper (measure first for fit) and permanent markers.

When I first started back in 1995, dye ink only came in the color black but now you can buy red, green, purple and a “gazillion” other colors.

Start with a theme. I usually use non-intricate images like stars, bells, candy canes, gingerbread boys, greetings. Ink up your stamps and stamp either in a coordinated fashion or haphazard way, whichever way you choose. You can also only stamp sentiments like Merry Christmas in a mixture or red and green ink. One Tip – make sure when you wrap your present that the images are right side up! One of the simplest ideas is to use pre-printed scrapbook paper for smaller gifts.

Bags are easy to make. You can emboss them with snowflake embossing folders and mount appropriate images on top, such as a giant snowflake, snowman, tree etc. I found out the hard way that those glossy type bags (from the dollar stores) really are glossy and don’t take to ink well. A plain lunch bags works just as well. Please follow the link below for a tutorial: q=christmas+gift+tags+make+your+own+with+rubber+stamps&&view=detail&mid=FD279C73BA00BABDB09DFD279C73BA00BABDB09D&FORM=VRDGAR

..and don’t forget the tags:


And lastly, if giving a bottle of wine use a bottle gift tag – like mine ( which are in sale!) this week. If interested, please email me.

 back of tag

Happy gift wrapping!


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Gift shaped cards

Dear Fellow crafters,

I am really excited to share this post with you because I love presents! Yes, I know what you are thinking – who doesn’t love presents? Well, these “presents” are for shaping cards. You see, for as long as I have  been card creating, I have always tried to use different shapes for cards. I used to make pumpkin lace-up cards for my son’s class when he was in grade school. I made library return pockets for bookmarks and flowers in baskets and the list goes on. When I found a present rubber stamp with a “removable” lid I was soooo happy. So fast forward to 2016.

In issue 158 of Quick Cards  November 2016   there was a template for a present card. So I copied it and used it that year for my holiday cards. I was still on the hunt for something more permanent when I happened upon Crafters CompanionDie’sire Create a Card Accordion Card – Christmas Present Square Accordion Die.  It was great but I had to buy  an overlay also or stamp around the edges. It did make for an interesting card though.

The BEST present was a  Sizzix Dies Stephanie Barnard Framelits Fold-Its Gift which I found by accident while scrolling though Pinterest and I bought it that night! Finally, a die that can be made for all occasions with all different bow and paper colors. I am now in Crafting Heaven!

Happy crafting,


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Recycled United States postage stamps

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When I was growing up, my dad worked for an international insurance company. His father, who also worked for the same company loved collecting postage stamps. My dad and I used to pour over those stamps and I started a small collection myself. When they traveled to distant lands, they always wrote me a letter or postcard so that I would have a postage stamp from that country.

Years later when I was married and had become interested in rubber stamping, I was reintroduced to the world of stamp collecting.  Hero Arts Rubber Stamp Company introduced faux postage stamps and envelope set and I remember going through my memory box to see if I had kept any of the old stamps. Not many had made the trip to adulthood but that didn’t stop me. I started again with holiday postage stamps.

I didn’t want the beauty and memories to disappear so I began a hunt to discover ways to use recycled postage stamps.  These are a few ideas:

Mod Podge and postage votive . This idea comes from Hammer Like a Girl.

You can bet that I’m adapting this idea for use with a mason jar.

Patriotic Postage Stamp Magnets. This idea comes from CraftJournal. Here’s the link.

and finally, the easiest one of all – a bookmark. This idea comes from ThinkCrafts.

Happy Crafting,


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Tips for Layering card stock

Dear Fellow Crafter,

If you talk to a person from the north-eastern part of America during the winter months and you mention the word “layering” they know exactly what you are referring to. Layering means extra coordinated clothing – blouse, sweater, jacket, scarf, coat, hat, boots or shirt, tie, sweater, jacket, coat etc. In some cases, if it’s really cold, read frigid – 0 degrees you add winter underwear!

Layering cardstock is much the same thing with the added caveat that the papers should be evenly cut. So here are some tips on layering cards and papers:

  •      Instead of using colored base cards simply cover white, ivory, kraft card stock with layers of patterned papers that coordinates with your topper. This is a good way to use up scraps.
  •      Use an adhesive runner to attach layers quickly and evenly. I prefer to use double-sided tape which I run on all 4 sides and in the middle.
  •      Add texture to the background paper by embossing it with an embossing folder.
  •      If you don’t have enough background paper for a full layer, cut the edge straight and mount behind another layer to give the impression of a complete layer.
  •      Adding height to your layers gives real depth to a card design. Use foam double stick tape.

“Til then,