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Coloring book page greeting cards


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Below are two examples of the use of coloring books and greeting cards.

Lately I’ve been using quite a few coloring book pages for my birthday/friendship greeting cards. At first I didn’t really want to cut up or die-cut an image out of a page I had spent time coloring. I also wondered if there were manufacturers who made coloring books especially for paper crafters.  I put the idea aside and just used rubber stamps and THEN companies began to realize that this phenomenon wasn’t going away. Lo and behold, one Saturday while browsing the aisles at Michael’s I saw it coloring book wrapping paper! Soon they were making coloring books for adults the size of post cards and regular greeting cards. While this was handy to be sure, I still wondered if I could use the oodles of colored pages.

Pinterest, of course, to the rescue. Above is a representative of using coloring books and paper.

Happy Crafting,


PaperCrafting 101

Ink Pad update

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Doesn’t it seem to you that every time you turn around there are more ink pads on the shelves? What’s a crafter to do? How do you choose which one you need? Luckily, there a various articles to help you in this dilemma. I found these ideas recently. As of this writing there are 12 types of ink pads. I won’t go into the fine detail on each but I have to say –

  1. Archival: can be used on matte and glossy papers. Fast drying but must be heat set on glossy papers.
  2. Chalk: Pigment-based ink that dries with a chalk-based finish (hence its name). Dries fairly fast.
  3. Distress: Water-based ink that adds a weathered look to projects. Blendable and fade-resistant.
  4. Dye-Based: Original ink that is Permanent. Can be used on glossy surfaces, foil and polymer clay as well as matte paper. Dries quickly.
  5. Embossing: Use specifically with embossing powder although you can use it with chalk and pearl powders too.
  6. Kaledacolor: Dye-based ink that combines different colors on its palette.
  7. Metallic: Slow-drying ink best used on dark papers.
  8. Ombre: Newest addition that features multiple shades of the same color or a range of complementary colors. Colors are next to each other on the pad making it easier for you to create a one-of-a-kind card.
  9. Pigment-Based: Slow drying and one of the originals. Available in almost every color and used primarily in embossing.
  10. Staz-on: Solvent based and fast drying ink that is also permanent. Great on glossy and acetate.
  11. Versa Fine: Fast drying oil based ink that is waterproof and fade resistant.
  12. Versa Mark: Clear and slow drying ink used primarily for embossing but can also be used to apply glitter, chalk and pearl powder.

5 Tips for ink pads:

  1. use an ink refresher
  2. Clean your stamps immediately after use.
  3. If they are drying out, turn pads upside down.

Having “said” that mouthful, I bid you adieu!

~Happy Crafting,


PaperCrafting 101

Better late than never

Dear Fellow Crafters,

So, I need to tell you….. A really good friend starts out most of her stories this way.  Have you ever had an occasion where you meant to do something and got side-tracked??

Well, a few years ago, this really good friend gave me a digital camera that had once belonged to her mom. She was clearing out the house after her mom died and found the camera and knowing I didn’t own one gifted it to me. I had all the intentions in the world to take pictures of all my cards, tags, ornaments, mason jar creations and share them on Pinterest, this blog and FaceBook but life got in the way. Well, I finally took the pictures! I have tried to keep them in some sense of order so that you can “admire” them. The Holiday cards are on Pinterest so here are the tags and ornaments I made last year. Enjoy!


P.S. I am so proud of the sleigh and reindeer tabletop decoration. They are made from heavy cardboard, paper, felt and glitter paper. I made 6 of them some with tiny trees and packages and sold them at the craft fair.

dsci0144 dsci0142dsci0141dsci0135

dsci0146dsci0162dsci0185dsci0186dsci0189   this one is the back of the tags, showing the pocket.