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10 Reasons to color

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The newest adult hobby is crayoning. Adult coloring books are everywhere – Dollar stores, department stores, grocery stores, Hallmark stores and, of course, Amazon! There are many different themes too – nautical, floral, seasonal etc. If you’re still not convinced, here are my top 10 reasons to join this “new” creative journey.


  1. Coloring engages both sides of your brain- tactical (feel of crayon, marker, watercolor pencil) in your hand, and creative (colors you choose).
  2. Coloring has a de-stressing effect because we focus on it and not on our worries. It brings out our imaginations and brings us back to our childhoods.
  3. Colors can inspire you to design or sketch. For instance, the most attention-getting color is red, and did you know that hospital rooms are often painted green because it’s easy on the eye and causes people to relax. So, if you’re in the re-decorating mood, you now know that you need to paint your bedroom green!
  4. Coloring is a thing to do instead of watching mindless tv.
  5. A coloring book can teach you a lot about art. As you color a page, notice the details – how the petals shape the flower, the lines construct the muscles of a lion etc.
  6. Color theory comes to play here- if you want to color a realistic picture, you have to layer colors.
  7. We live in a very stressful world, exacerbated by external events that we can’t control – politics, violence, depression, business. Coloring helps you “zone out” for brief periods of time.
  8. You can use your coloring pages in your card making – think backgrounds.
  9. You get to choose shades not just bold colors.
  10. We all love to create, but for some of us, choosing colors can be frustrating and let’s face it, finding time to create is often a challenge. Coloring is a creative quick-fix. We can experiment with colors and we can color with strangers on a bus or with a grandchild.
                                COLORING IS GOOD FOR YOU!
Top 10 reasons to

Paper Adventures – Brads

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The following is a copy of a post about brads. You will find more on

My top 10 ways to use brads  follows:

‘Til next time,


What Are Brads? And What Do I Do With Them?



Allow me to introduce my favorite scrapbook embellishment. Everyone, This is Brad.
08 13 09_3679
Brad, this is Everyone.

Actually, this is my box of scrapbooking brads.  I like to have them sorted by color rather than size or shape because you can easily know what color would look good on your page, and then you can explore which shape/texture/size would be best.

Brads come in LOTS of different shapes, textures, and colors. Have a look.

08 13 09_3680

Here we have squares, flowers, circles, polka dots, fabric covered, shiny metal, brushed metal, and jeweled.  And that’s just a small sampling of the possibilities.

08 13 09_3681

It’s occurring to me now that I didn’t take a picture of the basic brad. They are the ones I use most often, just a basic circle of color. Either regular size–like you’d find in office stores, but colors–or tiny, about the size of a, well, I can’t think of anything that’s that size.

Oh, y’know the holes where the spiral binding goes through a spiral notebook. Or the dimple on a AA battery. They’re about that size.

Anyway. You can use brads in lots of different ways. You can attach ribbons and fibers. You can use them to punctuate the corners of photos, or you can use them as dots on the page.

Here’s how you do it.

08 13 09_3682
Put the point of the brad where you want it on your paper. You can use a hole punch or the tip of your x-acto knife to pierce the paper.

08 13 09_3683
Press the brad all the way into the paper. Then turn over the page.

08 13 09_3684
Now separate the little arms of the brad. And bend them down in different directions.

08 13 09_3685
Like so.

When you turn the page over, the brad is securely fixed where you want it.

08 13 09_3686

To date, I have found 70 ways to use brad(s) but in the interest of time, I will list my top 10:

1. To “hang” things from

2. Use as centers of flowers

3. Use as corners of a picture mat

4. Nails on a fence

5. Buttons on a snowman

6. To form “bullets” for a list of things

7. Buy or color brads brown and use as chocolate chips on a stamped cookie

8. Attach a handle onto a basket

9. Attach fabric or lace to paper

10. Use as wheels on die cut cars or wheelbarrows.

If you can’t find brads in the color you want, buy white. Then press them into colored ink pads to get the color you want. This will result in a matte finish. For a shiny finish, press them into embossing ink, cover with embossing powder and heat emboss. For an additional sparkle, sprinkle with glitter, just before heating.



Top 10 reasons to

Top 10 Reasons

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Staying in touch with the important people in our lives is a rewarding and challenging task! We are all SO BUSY! It seems that the only time we send a card these days is to acknowledge a special occasion or event. The thought of just finding the right card, never mind the right sentiment can be daunting. That’s one of the reasons why I send out my Gallery and Sentiment Posts.

One of the best reasons to send a card is that your simple gesture reaches out to the people you care about and reminds them that they are in your thoughts, your heart, and even your prayers.

While the list of card categories is long, why not send a card for these 10 Reasons?

1. Everyone sends a card of congratulations on the birth of a child. Why not send a card when the child takes his/her first step or says the first word.

2. New School We all remember what it was like to move to a new school. Your niece, nephew or grandchild would love to hear how you coped.

3. Your neighbors’ are moving to another state. Sending  them the traditional “bread, wine and flowers” may be impractical but a card would be great especially if it arrives when they do!

4. All holidays are expected but what about “Ground Hog Day”?

5. We all hate to get sick or be home-bound for any reason. Why not send a card to a fellow parishioner at your church who is elderly or ill?

6. Your son/daughter just made the team – a card to commemorate the occasion along with a special dinner would be just the ticket.

7. Your friend’s daughter is getting married. You may not be attending but a card is always appreciated.

8. Your former co-worker retired or left you company. It’s been awhile since you saw them. Sending a card reminds you both of the friendship you shared.

9. While we all hate to think about death, we all need to celebrate the lives of those we know. Sending a short condolence note with your caring words can make a difference.

10. Take a moment to imagine what life would be like without your friend. Now, just tell your friend what he/she means to you.

Whatever the reason, and these are just 10, a card is often the best thing a person receives all week.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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