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Exploring with word ghosts

” How to be an explorer of the world:

1. Everything is interesting. Look closer.

2. Notice patterns. Make connections.

3. Observe movements.”

A few of the observations from Keri Smith (How to be an explorer of the world: Portable Life Museum)

Adventures in Card-Making · trends

Pinterest trends

Dear Fellow Crafters,

… so inquiring minds want to know – what is trending in Pinterest for the winter? Well, I did some research and found that some familiar fabrics and tools are making a comeback. Have you ever heard that old saying “everything comes back”? Bow-tied blouses are now back in style. I will be dating myself, but I wore them in the 70’s!  Also, a 21st century version of the light box is made now by Memory Keepers and sold on HSN. So here are some new (old) crafts to try:

Vintage wallpaper notebooks

Burlap mittens with gift cards

Lacy bows


Mr podge notebooks

Zipper jewelry

Candle art

Wood slice ornaments

Hoop art


Painted rocks




Adventures in Card-Making

What to buy in a Dollar Store

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Dollar stores have been around for a number of years now and we’ve all shopped in them- Now, be honest, “show of hands” you REALLY have shopped right? The occasional party stuff, holiday trinket, etc. are some items we’ve all admitted to buying But have you ever shopped for craft items?  When you’re a serious crafter you know where the best deals are for your supplies so it doesn’t hurt to at least look at a dollar store every now and then for comparison sake.

The Penny Hoarder back in July, had an article about this very subject which I found very interesting.  It compared various craft item prices between JoAnn, Michael’s, Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon and dollar stores.  So, say you wanted to purchase faux flowers. The cheapest (sometimes they look like it too) prices the writer found were: $5.80 each at Wal-Mart, $1.20 each at JoAnn’s; vases were97¢ each at Wal-Mart, $3at JoAnn’s, and a foam wreath was $4.19 at JoAnn’s and $5.88 at Wal-Mart. If you bought all the supplies for a flower arrangement, including foam, vases, 6 sprays of flowers you might spend $12 at JoAnn’s, $16 92 at Michael’s, $16.95 at Target and $40 at Wal-Mart.

Painting supplies are similar in the price differences. Bristle and Foam brushes along with paint cups and drop cloths are available at Dollar stores. Michael’s sells 1″ brushes at 99¢ each, Target at $3.49 each and $6.95 for 25 from Wal-Mart.

Craft supplies that can be bought at Dollar Stores are: beads, pipe cleaners, coloring books, stencils, markers, glitter glue, Play-Doh, craft sticks, picture frames, containers, wood boxes, and sponges.

Last, but not least, if you’re still not convinced – here’s how to make a Halloween wreath from a dollar store:



Happy shopping,




Adventures in Card-Making · word ghosts

Word Ghosts substitute the word “craft”

“I write to find strength.
I write to become the person that hides inside me.
I write to light the way through the darkness for others.
I write to be seen and heard.
I write to be near those I love.
I write by accident, promptings, purposefully and anywhere there is paper.
I write because my heart speaks a different language that someone needs to hear.
I write past the embarrassment of exposure.
I write because hypocrisy doesn’t need answers, rather it needs questions to heal.
I write myself out of nightmares.
I write because I am nostalgic, romantic and demand happy endings.
I write to remember.
I write knowing conversations don’t always take place.
I write because speaking can’t be reread.
I write to sooth a mind that races.
I write because you can play on the page like a child left alone in the sand.
I write because my emotions belong to the moon; high tide, low tide.
I write knowing I will fall on my words, but no one will say it was for very long.
I write because I want to paint the world the way I see love should be.
I write to provide a legacy.
I write to make sense out of senselessness.
I write knowing I will be killed by my own words, stabbed by critics, crucified by both misunderstanding and understanding.
I write for the haters, the lovers, the lonely, the brokenhearted and the dreamers.
I write because one day someone will tell me that my emotions were not a waste of time.
I write because God loves stories.
I write because one day I will be gone, but what I believed and felt will live on.”
― Shannon L. Alder