Birthday sentiments for family and friends

In all the world there is only one “you” … one unique person with your own special qualities.. My you always follow your heart and trust your abilities, knowing that those who love and believe in you find so much joy in the wonderful person you are.

A friend like you is a gift. Have a great birthday!

In my heart are wishes that your day will be as happy for you as you’ve made so many days for me.

No matter the season you’re always a reason to celebrate!

May you find pleasure in every moment of your day.

Adventures in Card-Making

Finding rubber stamps on vacation

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Like most of you, I imagine, I am always on the lookout for crafts – tools, rubber stamps, interesting dies etc. Well, one day last week while on a vacation day, I wandered into a country store. “Just your kind of place,” my husband remarked. The merchandise was, for the most part, handmade. There were silk floral arrangements, quilts, plaques and mason jars. As I sauntered through the aisles I saw lots of pretty things and jotted down some ideas in my notebook. Then suddenly my cell phone rang. “Hey, guess what I found for you!” My husband exclaimed. “What?” I answered. “I’m your new favorite husband,” he went on. “Go over to the aisle with the large dog poster and half way down on the left side, you’ll see a giant bin full of rubber stamps.” Well, of course, I followed his instructions then and there. I spent the next 15 minutes going through the bin. I found wood mounted, discontinued SU stamps, some cling and even a Sizzix die cut that I hadn’t seen before. And, of course, I paid a discount price for my new treasures.  So, don’t overlook those shops on vacation and be sure to bring your significant other with you. You never know what you’ll find on vacation.

Happy Crafting,



Birthday sentiments for children

·         Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, me thinks you can think up if only you try. ~ Dr. Seuss

·         Ain’t no Lion about it as you’ll have a RRROARING good time at your party!
·         Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.

~ Dr. Seuss

·         One little candle, placed on the cake…One first birthday wish to make! Happy birthday for your very first.

·         Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes. ~ Mickey Mouse

Today (James) you are (age)
What more can I say,
You’re becoming more special
Each and every day,
So blow out your candles
One by one
Enjoy your birthday
Have lots of fun.
You can walk and talk now that you’re 2.
It’s so much fun to play with you.
A Two-year-old child is so many things —
A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
A hugger of Teddies,
A sweet sleepyhead,
And someone to dream for in bright years ahead…
Two years gone by,
How time has flown,
We can’t believe
how (name)’s grown!
She’s such a joy
and much fun too,
Oh my! Your baby’s
turning Two!
You’re as cute as a bug
So precious to hug
A darling child
Who’s nice to be near.
So.. hope turning two
Is happy and fun
And takes you along
To a (third) great year
The most amazing thing about turning 3
Is your world’s now filled with discoveries.
You’ve grown so big now that you’re 4.
You’re not so little anymore.
Hooray! Hooray! You’re finally 5
Bet you thought this day would never arrive.
Turning 6 is a big event
Filled with fun and merriment
From Grandma and partner
This card to our lovely (Name)
Says Happy Birthday to you
It comes with love from Grandma
And (Name) your Grandpal too
From Grandad and partner
This card to our lovely (Name)
Says Happy Birthday to you
It comes with love from Grandad
And (Name) your Grandmate too

That’s all the kids birthday poems for now