Adventures in Card-Making

Facebook Groups, websites, Blogs, Pinterest and U-tube!!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’re into Facebook, then you know about Groups. Groups can be just as addicting as Pinterest pins. You can be scrolling along and then up pops this amazing video or card or idea and you are at once enthralled with the group. You can be overcome with joy for the moment but your personal page can be inundated with your Group Friends all willing to share their creation with you. So what’s a crafter to do? Share of course!

Below are some of the Groups I belong to. WARNING!! Don’t become addicted.

All Occasions Folder and Friends

Card Crafts and All Handmade Creations

Card Creations

Sizzix Die Cuts

Creative Expressions and Sue Wilson

Cardmaking Tips l l


Here are some websites to check out:


Here are blogs:



Happy Crafting,


Adventures in Card-Making

The story continues… The third part

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The saga continues about That Folder:

The design team uses feedback from subscribers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA along with their facebook page and Instagram as well as team collaboration for product ideas. The team is working on a re-design of a popular design with a cross over of dies and stamps.
As of this writing, Craft Stash has begun the rolling out of an exclusive stained glass collection. They’ve already launched additions to the All Occasion Collection  with 3 new folders, a die set (I’m on the wish list for that one!) and a stamp set. (I just got mine!)
So, as you can see, there is so much going on behind the scene. Be sure to follow CraftStash for their latest rollouts. My thanks to everyone at Practical Publishing for their assistance in telling the story of That Folder!

I usually don’t send copies of other blogs or newsletters but this was in my email today and I had to share. It comes from Craftstash:

Send us what you’ve made with “THAT” folder!

The world-wide phenomenon is being taken to the next level… Our friends at Papercraft Essentials magazine first featured ‘THAT Folder’ in issue 122, and now they’re looking for your creations to feature in an All-Occasions Collection Special for issue 153!

The winner will feature on the cover of the supplement, along with runners up being inside the special too!

How to enter:

1. Create a fantastic card using any of the All-Occasion Collection embossing folders, stamps or dies.

2. Include the steps you took to make your card on a separate sheet, along with a list of materials.

3. Write your name, email address and title of your card on the back.

4. Post your card and notes to:

PE153 Comp, Practical Publishing 217 Wellington Road South Stockport Cheshire SK2 6NG

Entries must be received by 15th September and cards will not be returned. One entry per person.


Happy Crafting,


word ghosts

Word Ghosts and choosing

” And it dawned on me that I might have to choose my inner thought patterns… that I would have to start believing in possibilities that I wouldn’t have allowed before, that I had been closing my creativity down to a very narrow, controllable scale… that things had become too familiar and I might have to disorientate myself.”

Bob Dylan (Chronicles Vol 1, page 71)

Adventures in Card-Making

The story continues… the second part

Dear Fellow Crafters,

This is part 2 of the story that needs to be told in reference to That Folder a/k/a The All Occasion Embossing Folder. This post will feature more of my interview.

1. How do you decide which magazine to feature your free gift?

We actually do it the other way around. We decide per magazine what type of gift we should include each month. We have to plan months in advance.

2. Are embossing folders easier to design or are stamps? Or for that matter, die-cuts?

          “Stamps are the most time-consuming to design. Dies & embossing folders are about the same – it depends on what we’ve asked for in the brief, as the more intricate the style, the harder it can be to design.”

3.   Is this phenomenon worldwide or only in the United States?

           “It’s global!! It’s incredibly popular in Australia, New Zealand & South Africa – plus the US & of course, the UK where the design originated!”

4.     Are there any articles about the folder that I can share with my readers?

We have written about That Folder on a couple of occasions, and we are aware of the social media explosion – and not surprisingly, it has been mentioned in our magazines, too!

 5. We have our CraftStash YouTube channel – and we also have our Instagram account – – where you will find lots of others who love That Folder!
When reading over the lengthy interview (that took place over several email “days”) I realized that I forgot to mention that I asked the ladies about what inspired the design of the folder in the first place and they answered “home décor” and finally this:

Did you have a clue as to how popular the folder would be?

  1. No!! We know our designers are amazing, but we were astounded when we discovered that our little cover gift had its own Facebook group!!

Please read my final posting on The Folder coming up next week and until then,

Happy Crafting,