American Tears

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Today we remember 9/11. Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones that awful day. We also remember the  strength and courage and American Spirit that was evident during that time. The following are the words to a great song I heard sung by a children’s choir back last November. It is appropriate today.


Sometimes I think about America. About her struggles through the years. I think of people who, did what they had to do with the strength to act their fears.

Sometimes I think about America. About her future and her past. I know I’m blessed to be, living in Liberty. In a land where freedom will last.

For the heroes, For the patriots. For the soliders For all the pioneers. I will always be an American, and I’ll always cry American Tears.

Sometimes I think about America, about her people’s legacy I wonder if they knew, that what they had to do Would be known throughout history.

Sometimes I think about America. About her pain along the way I know it had to be for our democracy. For the world we live in today.

For the heroes. For the patriots. For the soldiers. For all the pioneers. I will always be an American, and I’ll always cry American Tears.

For the heroes. For the patriots. For the soliders. For all the pioneers. I will always be an American, and I’ll always cry American Tears. Yes, I will always be, an American…and I’ll always cry American Tears.




Pursuit of Happiness

The Sea of Emotion

Dear Fellow Crafters, This month we will explore the sea of emotion.


“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf”. Jonatan Martensson Have you ever thought about your emotions, how your express yourself, and how you react in difficult situations? Emotion Regulation is the ability to make conscious decisions about how to express, internalize, communicate and experience emotions. It’s what allows some people to remain calm in the face of extreme danger. There were reports of a priest by the name of Father Mychal Judge who in the first moments of 911 when chaos was all around him remained extremely calm. He seemed, some said, to be talking to himself. In actuality, he was probably praying. The people who can think rationally in emotionally charged situations (like first responders) or the people who can handle difficult circumstances in ways that maintain rather than damage relationships with others – these are people who have mastered the “art” of regulating their emotions. There are people who assume that emotions are irrational. “We can’t control them.” Did you know that in actuality, there exists a moment in time between the event and your reaction to it. Take for example this scenario: You are a participant at a craft show and someone is questioning one of your “masterpieces”.They seem to be overly critical. How do you react?  OR, you are in the rubber stamp aisle of your favorite craft store. A group of people are standing around their leader, who, in your opinion, is giving bad advice about a product you are an expert at. What do you do? Control of emotions is extremely personal. Strategies depend not only on the person using them but also by emotions. Taking deep breaths, going for a walk, practicing mindfulness techniques can help. If you are using a journal on this Pursuit Journey, why not take some time and write about your emotional experiences. “Til next month, ~Sallie

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Adventures in Card-Making

Patriot Day

UnsungHeroes  911-10911-Patriot-Day-Quote-Wallpaper911-attack-on-pentagon-photoPlaque for PA Heroes


Dear Fellow Crafters,

The following is a post written by a contributor on It was written on 9/9/11 – the 10th Anniversary. Please read all the way to the end and please feel free to comment.

Thank you,


I knew I had to write this piece, but I’ve been dreading it at the same time. This piece has to be good. In my opinion, a lot rides on it. This is one I really want to get right.


I thought about writing about where I was and what I was doing. Scratch that. Everyone remembers where and what they were doing that day. I won’t bore you with my story.


I thought about writing about what it meant to me. Scratch that. Everyone had deep feelings about the meaning of 9/11.


I thought about writing about continuing effects of 9/11. Scratch that. Anyone who’s been through an airport in the last 10 years knows that.


So what does a dumb ass, half ass writer like me write about on this sacred anniversary?


I have not yet been to the new 9/11 museum. I hear it’s fabulous and do plan on going. But I have been to the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor. I imagine the feeling is exactly the same.


You see Americans hate the very idea of a sneak attack. We Americans declare ourselves. Piss us off and we tell you we’re coming to get you.  Franklin Roosevelt before congress saying “a day which will live in infamy”. George W. Bush on a pile of rumble saying “Those who did this will hear from us soon”.  Americans knock BEFORE they kick down the door. Then we come with a vengeance.


I guess an argument could be made for the sneak attack. But America was founded on a principle called HONOR. We even sent letters of grievance to Mother England way back when. When they ignored us, we struck back. We only respond with aggression when aggression comes against us. A lot of folks would say the hell with honor. Thank God more wise heads prevail. Honor is what keeps America America.


So today we look back on 10 years. The loss of almost 4,000 lives in three separate places. Ceremonies will be held in New York at the WTC site, in Washington at the Pentagon, and in a field at a crash site in Pennsylvania. Tears will flow. More than a few will be from me. You see I’m one of those stupid few who still believe that when diplomacy fails, the place of final resolution is on the battlefield, not on the streets of a civilian community. But forgive an old man his whimsy. I’m a dinosaur. I still believe in honor. I can’t help it. It’s the way I was raised. It’s what I believe.


And you know what? Must be a few of us left. On 9/11/11 a lot of people will come together all over America to remember. I’m sorry, but I believe that a great part of those ceremonies will be those decrying the loss of honor. Those who believe that hostilities should begin with some form of a declaration of war. A matter of HONOR. Those who think that if you disagree with one’s politics, religion, beliefs, or anything else, you DECLARE yourself, THEN come in aggression. That to do less is a matter of DISHONOR.


Oh well, I wanted this to be great piece. A masterpiece! Instead what I’ve written is a thought-provoking piece. One that makes one THINK about the REAL lessons to be learned from 9/11. To start asking questions about what America’s future will look like. I’d like to believe that the honored dead of 9/11 would want it that way.


So as 9/11  10 passes, please think about something called HONOR. If 9/11 was about nothing else, it was about that. And all the memorials and ceremonies will truly be about that.


One more thing while I’m on a roll here. Radio and TV are full of lessons learned that tragic day. The subjects are indeed interesting. Better construction, better fire proofing, better safety methods, and of course, better anti-terrorism methods.

Since I’m no expert on any of the above, I’d like to take a shot at it from another point of view. So, with your kind indulgence:




  • NEVER leave your loved ones for the day without telling them you love them. You may never a get chance to do it again. Believe me, I know.
  • NEVER leave your home no matter how late you are with unmade beds or unwashed dishes. It’s a fickle irony that after discovering your loved one is dead, and upon coming home, this is your first chore.
  • NEVER underestimate the power of terrorism, fate, circumstances, sudden illness etc. If you do, they’ll get you every time!
  • ALWAYS  know that a belief in your inner strength and a faith in the Almighty will get you through. Sometimes this can mean and include a trip to eternity.
  • ALWAYS remember that in times of crisis, people will show their true character. Let your character show its bright side. We’re all in this together.


Well, no exciting revelations there! No new scientific, political, historical, or other type news. But please consider this:


The REAL LESSONS of 9 / 11 were not about any of those things. The REAL LESSONS of 9 / 11 were about HUMANITY. It was about the good and evil that encompasses humanity. About the kindness and inhumanity we are capable of showing each other. One 24 hour period that presented the human melodrama in ALL its’ glory and ALL its’ horror. And we were alive to experience it all.

May God bless you all, and may He also cause you to remember the PERSONAL lessons learned that day, and every day since.


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