Adventures in Card-Making

Unleash your creativity

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Sometimes it’s easy to become bored and sometimes you can’t find inspiration. Here are some “tried and true” solutions. Some I have tried myself.

Change your thinking from ” I can’t” to “What if?” Grab  a piece of paper and pen and write down the following statements: ” I can figure it out.”  “There is always a way.” And “What if I ?”

Sometimes the answer comes fast and other times it comes when you are doing mundane things like washing dishes. Then BINGO!Your answer!

Take a break. Listen to an audio book in your car. Visit an unique store. Take a walk during lunch. Exercise. Go to the gym or walk around your neighborhood.

Open yourself up to nature. If you’re feeling confused go to a place where the colors of blue and green surround you. If you’re looking for inspiration, try a stroll through a garden center or a flower aisle in your favorite craft store.I

Read a biography of an inspiring person. I have always been fascinated by the lives of first responders. I admire their bravery of course, but what inspires me is how they molded their lives into a life of service. I am reading such a Story now entitled “Into the raging sea.”