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Embellishment Organization

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’re a paper/ card crafter like me, you tend to have a large stash of embellishments- buttons, woodenware, silk and paper flowers, brass and charms. When I first started using ” That Folder” I bought a number of self-adhesive gems and pearls. At first, I stored them in a drawer with the folder. As usual, I found that I was buying duplicates because they weren’t visible. Then I decided to use the clear pocket solution. Years ago, when our son was younger, he collected baseball cards. We bought him plastic storage pockets to store the growing collection. He left some of the pockets behind when he moved out so I thought that I had found a perfect solution.

Well, I started out by separating the colors and shapes of the gems and pearls. Then I took some left over white card stock and cut them down to fit the pockets. Sets of the same color fit together and others stood out because of the white card stock. I found a refrigerator storage box from IKEA and used it to store the gems.

Other ideas you can try are:

You could use ziploc baggies with a piece of cardstock inside to help the baggies keep their shape.
You could staple the sets of embellishments to pieces of cardstock, divide them by color, and store them in a fridge binz or a binder.
You could separate the embellishments by color and put each color group in a different ziploc baggie and then store them in a pretty basket.
You could store them in mason jars or Tupperware containers, grouped by color.
You could store several sets in clear CD  grouped by color.

Happy Crafting,





Biggest Challenge

Finding time

Dear Fellow Crafters,

There’s a new television program on this season called “Timeless”. The premise is that a team travels back in time to prevent the bad guy from changing the events of the past so that the present remains intact. One of the first shows had the bad guy trying to change the events of the crashing of the Hindenburg.

We couldn’t control time then and we can’t now. Finding time to complete a “to do” list or planner notation is getting harder and harder for all of us. Life has a way of getting in the way when we’re trying to do something. We read newsletters, blogs, newspaper headlines and Facebook posts. Lots of us even schedule reading our emails at specific times and yet we all complain that when we spend time on the internet we “get nothing done.”

So, how do we find time to do everything (or rather some things) on our “To Do” lists?  To crafters, I would suggest organizing and labeling everything. I try to put away my stuff after a marathon of card making but sometimes I don’t. When that happens, I always want to ‘hit myself’ cause I make more work for myself. I have to put things away before I can enjoy myself.  One of the things that bugs me is all those paper scraps. You know the ones I mean. I finally started sorting them by color and type white core, textured, bold colored cardstock, etc. Some crafters use plastic bags but I found a photo box that did the trick for me. I just put the bigger sheets together in a large plastic envelope and the scraps in the box.  The regular sized 9 1/2″ x 11″ are stored in a paper sorter.

For those of you who have oodles of newsletters, blog posts, articles you want to read are they front and center on your desktop? Do you mean to read them “one day when you have time” but never seem to get around to it? Try reading a book that I found immensely helpful: “10 Minute Digital DeClutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload” by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport.

Happy Crafting,


PaperCrafting 101

Paper Crafting 101- Organizing (Too much stuff!)

Every once in awhile, usually after a card-making session, I look around my craft room and say to myself, “Sallie, you have too much stuff! You need to organize!” Sometimes I do put things away where they belong. It’s when I can’t find something I “just saw” that I get in the frenzied organizing state.
Over the years, I have picked up some hints and after trial and error, have developed a method of organizing my crafting tools etc. Please feel free to use these hints and email me at if you have others.
I will be offering these on an on-going basis so please watch for them.
~ Sallie

Organizing My Stuff
• Keep in easy reach
• A wire basket or wood box that is large enough to house all the items together works well
• Roomy clear totes work for traveling
• Dedicated divided drawers that are stackable work well also.
• Obviously, shelves come to mind, but oftentimes there is no “extra” space.
• Categorize book titles so you know what you have
• Stacking them beneath a window seat or work bench works ok
• Glass jars – like jam or peanut butter work well – you can see what you have and they are decorative also
• Paper punched buttons should be categorized by color and put in zip-lock bags
Craft Knives:
• Special drawer or lined box works well
• Keep blades inside protective sheaths