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Wood embellishments

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Years ago, when I taught rubber stamping at my local Joanne’s, I always tried to incorporate the different departments into the paper crafting section. It boosted sales for the store and crafters liked exploring the different items that they could use for their paper crafting adventures. I would show the stampers how to use tiny bows or ribbon and how to stamp on candles (tissue paper and a heat gun). I also used tiny wooden embellishments. The fad disappeared and I forgot about wood embellishments until I started making my Mason Jar Luminaries. I mostly used wooden ornaments with the lid toppers but was suddenly surprised when I saw a card at my local Hallmark Store with a wooden dove on it.

It seemed that wood was making a comeback – wood was everywhere! Pinterest had cards with wood and Paper Craft magazines featured wood embellishments. So I checked out the wood section of my local craft stores, photographed some cards at Hallmark (for ideas) and scoured Pinterest boards. Some of the ideas are below.

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Here are two articles that I found really helpful:




Adventures in Card-Making · trends

Pinterest trends

Dear Fellow Crafters,

… so inquiring minds want to know – what is trending in Pinterest for the winter? Well, I did some research and found that some familiar fabrics and tools are making a comeback. Have you ever heard that old saying “everything comes back”? Bow-tied blouses are now back in style. I will be dating myself, but I wore them in the 70’s!  Also, a 21st century version of the light box is made now by Memory Keepers and sold on HSN. So here are some new (old) crafts to try:

Vintage wallpaper notebooks

Burlap mittens with gift cards

Lacy bows


Mr podge notebooks

Zipper jewelry

Candle art

Wood slice ornaments

Hoop art


Painted rocks






Dear Fellow Crafters,

Awhile ago, I ran across this term “scrumbling” in a craft magazine. I had no idea what it was but it sounded intriguing. Since I color a lot in adult coloring books and also use markers in my cards, I thought I’d research it. Instead of going to Pinterest (no, it’s not my search engine!) I went to the video. Here is what scrumbling is:


Happy scrumbling (er, crafting),


Adventures in Card-Making

Facebook Groups, websites, Blogs, Pinterest and U-tube!!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’re into Facebook, then you know about Groups. Groups can be just as addicting as Pinterest pins. You can be scrolling along and then up pops this amazing video or card or idea and you are at once enthralled with the group. You can be overcome with joy for the moment but your personal page can be inundated with your Group Friends all willing to share their creation with you. So what’s a crafter to do? Share of course!

Below are some of the Groups I belong to. WARNING!! Don’t become addicted.

All Occasions Folder and Friends

Card Crafts and All Handmade Creations

Card Creations

Sizzix Die Cuts

Creative Expressions and Sue Wilson

Cardmaking Tips l l


Here are some websites to check out:


Here are blogs:



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Adventures in Card-Making

The story that needs to be told – in three parts

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Popular Embossing Folder

On a sunny morning in 2015 I opened my mailbox and eagerly got ready to read my favorite magazine Paper Craft Essentials Issue 122 and then my jaw dropped – “WOW, what a great folder!” I exclaimed. Little did I know, THAT FOLDER as the All Occasion Embossing Folder came to be called was already creating a world-wide phenomenon in the paper crafting world. Over the next two years, I used “That Folder” for all types of cards – birthday, anniversary, Halloween, Christmas. I started noticing that other crafters were using it too. Pinterest boards were slowly appearing and then a Facebook group popped up. A few months ago just for fun, I typed in “That Folder” in my browser and 3,000,000 hits showed up! I began to wonder if the design team had any idea what a phenomenon their creation had become. Although there were hundreds of Pinterest boards ( I even had one!) See link  and u-tube videos all I could find was Craft Stash’s brief article. I wanted to know the rest of the story and I bet you did too. So I wrote to the editors of Practical Publishing and with the help of Louise Spragg ( On-line Content Editor) and Shirley Foster (Product Development Manager) and my new favorite on-line store Craft Stash I am able to bring you the story that needs to be told. I asked a lot of questions so this story will be told in 3 parts with part of my interview included. Part one will be featured today, with part 2 (The story continues) on 8/16 and Inspiration on 8/23.

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Product Development

The Product Development Team made up of researchers, testers and designers are always looking for “new ideas and concepts and so they came up with the wave instead of a straight separator between two patterns.” Although they have a specialized team that works on designs, many more people are involved in the total process from the conception to packaging and distribution. Remember my post a little while ago about Pinterest? Well it seems that when some of the designers suffer from “creative blockage” they turn to Pinterest too! They are always working because the product launch is usually about 6-8 months which means that they are now working on Christmas designs!

1. Can you take my readers on a brief timeline “trip” on how long the process is from conception to manufacturing?

” The original folder was designed as a cover gift on one of our magazines, so the process is slightly longer than designing a standard commercial product, as we have very strict deadlines. We have to agree product concepts at least 8 months before the on-sale date of the magazine to ensure the gift is produced in time. Once we have an agreed concept, we brief the designer, so that they know what type of product, style, size etc. we need. We also have to brief our manufacturers at this stage, so that they can provide us with estimated costs. The actual design can take anything up to 2 weeks, depending on what it is. Once everyone is happy with both the design & the costs, the artwork is sent to the manufacturer. Again, depending on the type of product, it can take up to a month before we receive samples for testing. Once tested & approved, we’ll brief the designer on how we want the product to be packaged, what wording should be included & what the product should be called. The designer will then create the packaging artwork. Unless we found any problems & needed to retest, that would be more-or-less our involvement. We have a much quicker turn-around for commercial product, however we have to be involved throughout the process, & plan how & when the product will be launched commercially.”

Stay tuned for the next part of the story next week.