Oldie but goodie

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Don’t you just love browsing through Pinterest? The only thing better than that is older craft magazines. Many of them are on the web. Some of the ideas may be passe`  but the card sketches and techniques are as old as time”. One of my favorite “go to” magazine is Cardmaker. Any of the other holiday issues are on-line. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter.

I recently read their winter 2016 issue to discover new ways to use wooden gift tags. Now, I’d originally decided to die-cut images and glue them but the article suggested I rubber stamp and emboss.

So, try browsing through those digital magazines folks and learn or ‘re-learn new ways to craft and create.

Happy discoveries,


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Gift shaped cards

Dear Fellow crafters,

I am really excited to share this post with you because I love presents! Yes, I know what you are thinking – who doesn’t love presents? Well, these “presents” are for shaping cards. You see, for as long as I have  been card creating, I have always tried to use different shapes for cards. I used to make pumpkin lace-up cards for my son’s class when he was in grade school. I made library return pockets for bookmarks and flowers in baskets and the list goes on. When I found a present rubber stamp with a “removable” lid I was soooo happy. So fast forward to 2016.

In issue 158 of Quick Cards  November 2016   there was a template for a present card. So I copied it and used it that year for my holiday cards. I was still on the hunt for something more permanent when I happened upon Crafters CompanionDie’sire Create a Card Accordion Card – Christmas Present Square Accordion Die.  It was great but I had to buy  an overlay also or stamp around the edges. It did make for an interesting card though.

The BEST present was a  Sizzix Dies Stephanie Barnard Framelits Fold-Its Gift which I found by accident while scrolling though Pinterest and I bought it that night! Finally, a die that can be made for all occasions with all different bow and paper colors. I am now in Crafting Heaven!

Happy crafting,


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Wood embellishments

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Years ago, when I taught rubber stamping at my local Joanne’s, I always tried to incorporate the different departments into the paper crafting section. It boosted sales for the store and crafters liked exploring the different items that they could use for their paper crafting adventures. I would show the stampers how to use tiny bows or ribbon and how to stamp on candles (tissue paper and a heat gun). I also used tiny wooden embellishments. The fad disappeared and I forgot about wood embellishments until I started making my Mason Jar Luminaries. I mostly used wooden ornaments with the lid toppers but was suddenly surprised when I saw a card at my local Hallmark Store with a wooden dove on it.

It seemed that wood was making a comeback – wood was everywhere! Pinterest had cards with wood and Paper Craft magazines featured wood embellishments. So I checked out the wood section of my local craft stores, photographed some cards at Hallmark (for ideas) and scoured Pinterest boards. Some of the ideas are below.

Have fun crafting,


Here are two articles that I found really helpful:




Adventures in Card-Making · trends

Pinterest trends

Dear Fellow Crafters,

… so inquiring minds want to know – what is trending in Pinterest for the winter? Well, I did some research and found that some familiar fabrics and tools are making a comeback. Have you ever heard that old saying “everything comes back”? Bow-tied blouses are now back in style. I will be dating myself, but I wore them in the 70’s!  Also, a 21st century version of the light box is made now by Memory Keepers and sold on HSN. So here are some new (old) crafts to try:

Vintage wallpaper notebooks

Burlap mittens with gift cards

Lacy bows


Mr podge notebooks

Zipper jewelry

Candle art

Wood slice ornaments

Hoop art


Painted rocks






Dear Fellow Crafters,

Awhile ago, I ran across this term “scrumbling” in a craft magazine. I had no idea what it was but it sounded intriguing. Since I color a lot in adult coloring books and also use markers in my cards, I thought I’d research it. Instead of going to Pinterest (no, it’s not my search engine!) I went to the video. Here is what scrumbling is:


Happy scrumbling (er, crafting),