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Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’ve been creating cards for a while and sending them to friends and family, they’ve probably begun to anticipate one of your “specials” each and every time there’s an occasion in their life. The challenge is, of course, is to surprise them with new and exciting techniques, embellishments, stamps etc. One of the ways I use to ensure that I don’t repeat my cards is to keep a record or photo of them. So what happens when you’re stuck with an idea for the inside of your cards?

There are several ideas that you can use to make the inside as special as the outside. One way is to write/stamp/die-cut your message on the left side of the card! Here are some other ideas:

1. Type up the greeting or stamp it and then cut it out and attach to a border. The paper can be coordinated with the colors of your focal point on the front of your card.

2. Use stickers. I especially like the ones that are printed in color and have clear adhesive.

3. Create a background of light hues of ink (dye) or marker around the greeting.

4. Continue the theme on the inside. For instance, if using clouds or butterflies on the front, stamp or die-cut some on the inside too.

5. Use some Flat embellishments.

6. Flat ribbon creates a special touch.

Mother’s Day Sentiments

1. A Grandma fills the world with love.

2.What do I wish for a Mom like you? Beauty that blossoms the whole day through!

3.Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

4.Because of you, I am me.

5. There are a thousand languages in the world. But a Mother’s smile speaks them all.


Adventures in Card-Making · Sentiments

For better or verse

Red cardstock, white paper, 5″x6 1/2″ Sold blank sentiments on blog $3.50

Dear Fellow Crafters,

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided to ‘re-post this one from 2015 on how to choose a Valentine’s Day card. This information works for those of you who create cards as well.

Oh, and be sure to read all the way to the bottom for several new sentiments.

As a card maker, I seldom shop in Hallmark stores. On occasion, when I am stumped for an idea, I admit it, I do browse the card selection aisle. This post can either appeal to the person who creates cards or the person who doesn’t. In either case, the points I make (hopefully) will benefit you.

Sending the “RIGHT” Valentine card can be stressful, so here are some do’s and don’t’s:

DO: Trust your own words. Whether or not your valentine is for a friend, a relative or a romantic interest, it’s unlikely that text in a conventional store-bought card can accurately sum up your relationship. Look for a card with blank space. For years I sold my cards from my web site blank inside for that very reason. I now offer sentiments too, but the big “draw” still seems to be, in the words of a client, “leave mine blank”.

Don’t: Let the card do all the talking – go instead for a personalized message.

DO: Feel free to get creative (artistic skills not required). If you go with a store-bought card, aim for one with text or pictures that have personal significance. For years, my husband has been  plagued with buying cards. He told me that he searches for ones that “say what he wants them to say” and the card is one that is creative. I appreciate his effort and have some  that I can “copy”.

DON’T: Lean toward overly effusive language, as it runs the risk of making your message seem unoriginal or recycled.

DO: Incorporate humor, if it suits your relationship. A little humor can also help take some pressure off of Valentine’s Day.

DON’T: Explore uncharted territory when it comes to jokes. Steer clear of humor that borders on being sexist, racist or otherwise offensive.

DO: Look for a card with special significance for the relationship. Choose one with writing or illustrations that evoke fond memories, for example. When we were first dating, my husband was stationed overseas. My first Valentine card from him featured a barren tree on the front, and a tree with loads of leaves and hearts on the inside. He hand-wrote the sentiment and yes, I still have that card!

DON’T: Use the card as an attempt to accelerate or scale back the relationship. Know your boundaries, and don’t use the card has an attempt to test them with large, unprecedented gestures, such as saying “I love you” for the first time. The same rule applies to initiating a breakup or expressing displeasure.

ALWAYS: Avoid the view that the fate of a relationship is hinging on a single holiday, or a single greeting card, for that matter.

I hope that you have found this useful and if you still have some qualms about what to say in the card, either contact me via email or check out my previous posts on sentiments or my cards.

‘Til next time,


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The best thing that ever happened to me is you.

The good things in life are better with you.

I’m glad that you and me are US.

I’m so glad that you’re first in my life.



What to write in a fall card


Pumpkin kisses and Harvest Wishes

Leaves are falling ~ Autumn is calling

Pumpkin spice everything

Every year I fall for: pumpkins, bonfires, s’mores, autumn leaves, apples and YOU!

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.



If ever you feel yourself falter, remember today

There’s no stopping you now.

Applause may fade, but respect and admiration resound forever.

They said it couldn’t be done and then you did it. Congratulations!

You deserve the best of everything.. May you settle for more.

When you do your best it’s always better.

It was the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and the team was behind by three runs with the bases loaded… but I never worried- because you were at bat.

Hoping you’re as proud of yourself as we are.


Birthday sentiments for children

·         Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, me thinks you can think up if only you try. ~ Dr. Seuss

·         Ain’t no Lion about it as you’ll have a RRROARING good time at your party!
·         Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.

~ Dr. Seuss

·         One little candle, placed on the cake…One first birthday wish to make! Happy birthday for your very first.

·         Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes. ~ Mickey Mouse

Today (James) you are (age)
What more can I say,
You’re becoming more special
Each and every day,
So blow out your candles
One by one
Enjoy your birthday
Have lots of fun.
You can walk and talk now that you’re 2.
It’s so much fun to play with you.
A Two-year-old child is so many things —
A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings,
A hugger of Teddies,
A sweet sleepyhead,
And someone to dream for in bright years ahead…
Two years gone by,
How time has flown,
We can’t believe
how (name)’s grown!
She’s such a joy
and much fun too,
Oh my! Your baby’s
turning Two!
You’re as cute as a bug
So precious to hug
A darling child
Who’s nice to be near.
So.. hope turning two
Is happy and fun
And takes you along
To a (third) great year
The most amazing thing about turning 3
Is your world’s now filled with discoveries.
You’ve grown so big now that you’re 4.
You’re not so little anymore.
Hooray! Hooray! You’re finally 5
Bet you thought this day would never arrive.
Turning 6 is a big event
Filled with fun and merriment
From Grandma and partner
This card to our lovely (Name)
Says Happy Birthday to you
It comes with love from Grandma
And (Name) your Grandpal too
From Grandad and partner
This card to our lovely (Name)
Says Happy Birthday to you
It comes with love from Grandad
And (Name) your Grandmate too

That’s all the kids birthday poems for now