What’s new with Sizzix?

Dear Fellow Paper Crafters,

So, you know I love anything to do with Sizzix and I love to share… anyway this video will get you up to date on their newest “toys”!



Adventures in Card-Making

Finding rubber stamps on vacation

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Like most of you, I imagine, I am always on the lookout for crafts – tools, rubber stamps, interesting dies etc. Well, one day last week while on a vacation day, I wandered into a country store. “Just your kind of place,” my husband remarked. The merchandise was, for the most part, handmade. There were silk floral arrangements, quilts, plaques and mason jars. As I sauntered through the aisles I saw lots of pretty things and jotted down some ideas in my notebook. Then suddenly my cell phone rang. “Hey, guess what I found for you!” My husband exclaimed. “What?” I answered. “I’m your new favorite husband,” he went on. “Go over to the aisle with the large dog poster and half way down on the left side, you’ll see a giant bin full of rubber stamps.” Well, of course, I followed his instructions then and there. I spent the next 15 minutes going through the bin. I found wood mounted, discontinued SU stamps, some cling and even a Sizzix die cut that I hadn’t seen before. And, of course, I paid a discount price for my new treasures.  So, don’t overlook those shops on vacation and be sure to bring your significant other with you. You never know what you’ll find on vacation.

Happy Crafting,



What is a crimper?

Dear Fellow Crafter,

“Corrugators” – that word sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Well, back in the day, this is what modern crimpers were called. I used to use crimpers all the time, but then forgot about them until I found them in a drawer while cleaning and re-arranging my craft room. Corrugators and crimpers (of today) consist of a set of rollers and a handle. The rollers can be of 5 different patterns You simply insert the paper and cardstock and roll it through. These tools can be used for foil, tissue paper, construction paper and card stock. Patterns vary between wavy lines and diamonds to hearts and bubbles. Marvy is the most recognized maker but Fiskar’s makes them too.

The biggest problem I had when using the crimper was making sure that the paper was inserted straight in the beginning. I found that if I put the paper in against one of the sides of the opening the side guided the paper.

So, what can you do with a crimper?

a) You can crimp your desired paper then punch or die cut for customized shapes.

b) You can add strips to your card for texture.

c) You can use in place of ribbon and finally

d) You can use I for galvanized roofing on a Sizzix die cut house.

Happy Crafting,


Biggest Challenge


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Sleigh and Reindeer

Have you ever tried crafting with Styrofoam? I tried using it when making my Sizzix sleigh and reindeer displays for the craft fair last year. The initial results were down right pathetic! I have since learned a few tricks in handling this versatile product.

One of my mistakes was trying to cut up one of the sheets with scissors. I have since learned that a serrated knife, hacksaw, floral knife or x-acto knife work much better.

Since the base was white already, I had decided to glue faux snow onto the “plank.” I initially used school glue but it was runny and didn’t work well. Imagine my surprise, when I found Styrofoam Glue the other day! In the end, I used ModPodge and sprinkled the snow (bought in a bag at Michael’s) all over the plank. The sleigh sat on top of the “snow covered ” display with a mini Dollar Store Christmas tree and several small packages “presents” inside. The die-cut Prancing Deer completed the scene.  Problem solved. I only wish I’d seen that glue earlier!

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Adventures in Card-Making

Everything old is new again!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Well, the holidays are over and you’re packing up the ornaments and taking down all your decorations. One of the last tasks is all those Christmas cards from friends and family. Some of them are too beautiful to throw away. Should you save them or recycle them? Some of them (if handmade by Grandchildren) should definitely be saved just remember to put the year on the back of each. Some of them can be recycled and here are some tips to make new cards/crafts for next year.

Before you get out the scissors, scan the cards into the computer or make notes of what you want to record of the cards so that you’ll have a record of them for your thank you cards.

If you’re not sure of what to do with the cards yet, put them in a large box with a lid to prevent dust. I sort mine by theme birthday, thank you, holiday.

I am sure there are many more, but I found 16 crafts you can make with your saved cards. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Greeting card gift bag: This one is so easy! Cut the front cover off your greeting card and save the printed sentiment for later use. Glue the cover in the center of your bag. You can add glitter or stamped images if you wish.

2. Gift tag: Instead of just cutting off the cover of the greeting card, die-cut or fussy cut the image and glue to a gift tag. Add the “To From” and you’re done You could also use a Sizzix  die cut and then glue your image  onto the tag. Punch a hole near the top and add ribbon.

3. Place Mat: Take a white paper place mat (typically bought at a dollar store or party store) and glue parts of the card onto it. Add flat embellishments or rubber stamped images.

4. Planner: Make planners or note pads for future teacher gifts. Buy small note books, again from a dollar store, and glue background paper onto the covers. Glue part of the greeting card on top.

5. Bookmarks: Cut the greeting card into strips about an inch and a half wide and 6 inches long. Punch a hole near  one end and add a tassel – see link:

6. Place Cards: There are two different ways of making place cards. One way is to cut a piece of cardstock into a rectangle, sized to your specifications. Score the cardstock in the middle with your scoreboard. Fold the card in half. Write the name of your guest using calligraphy or rubber stamps. Add embellishments, stickers and parts of the greeting card.

Another way is to die-cut a rectangle with a Spellbinder nestability – see link:  and proceed as above. Sizzix also has a place card die that would work also for this project.

7-16. Make a puzzle, magnet, mason jar topper, framed picture, collage card, mason jar lid ornament, garland, post card and finally a journal cover.

Needless to say, you might be a tad bit “tired” of holiday crafting, so save this post until November!

Happy Crafting,