Creativity- No excuses, no excuses!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

The key to creativity is confidence, but how to do you achieve confidence when you tell yourself that you can’t draw or choose colors? Some people are born with the talent to create. My mother was one of those people. Instead of buying wallpaper for  my younger sister’s nursery, she painted a series of panels  (baby ducks swimming, flowers blooming, the progression of sunrise to sunset). The walls were photographed and the pictures were sent to an art magazine, and you guessed it – she won first place in a contest!

It takes practice to develop skills. An interesting thought occurs to me. When you go to an art museum and look at the paintings, you’re seeing the finished product of what probably was, years of work. If we compare our “measly” endeavors to theirs, we’re going to feel inadequate and stop all efforts!

Take on projects and keep writing about them. Take classes. Borrow library books about water-coloring. Keep practicing. No excuses, remember? Your first works will be less than perfect but with practice……

In your creative journal, take a page and label it “My success List.” During this creative process, you need to remind yourself how many times you were successful.

Some prompts are:

1.  The day I got my Drivers License

2.  The number of books I read the summer I won the Reading Club Contest

3.  The party I attended even though I didn’t know anyone there

4.   How I got past my first job interview

5.   The dance I went to and sat next to my future husband


‘Til next time,