Biggest Challenge

Finding time to craft

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Your favorite activity (sewing, card making, painting etc.) may be vital for feeding your mind, creativity and soul.

Why don’t people make “me time” a reality? I think that some may feel guilty or selfish if they take time away from family and friends. The reality is that while everyone is worthy of care and attention, the primary care-giver needs time to refresh, re-focus and re-charge. Lack of time for ourselves leaves us frustrated, overwhelmed and out of balance.

Here are some tried and true methods that I have used over the years. I hope they help you.

  • Learn to say “no” to requests to do things you don’t necessarily like to do. I once stopped participating in a club because I no longer was committed to the vision of the club and felt that the meetings were boring. When I started wishing I was home crafting, I left and found more productive time for me.
  • Create a daily ritual. This can be taking a bath, listening to music, reading, adult coloring, mediating – in short, anything that you can do alone. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel.
  • Arrange a recurring craft night. This activity seems to be catching on in my area. Knitting clubs and crafting nights have been popping up since last winter. The library even offers an adult coloring session one night a week.  The nice thing is that friends can gather and not only work on their preferred activity but can share their talents with others. One of the books I read for our Book Chat is The Healing Quilt. It tells the story of a group of friends who created a quilt to raise money for a mammogram machine for their local hospital.
  • Work on your craft during other activities. You can color images for cards or knit while watching TV or on your lunch break at work.
  • Schedule time on your calendar. If you put the activity in writing, you will likely follow through.
  • Share time with your child. Set up a table and chair next to your crafting space. Your daughter can color or your son can build a lego city next to you.
  • Keep your space up, ready to go.
  • Keep your inspiration in sight. I keep the craft magazine open on my desk.
  • Pick up as you craft. We all learned, at our Mother’s knee, to clean and pick up while working in the kitchen. The same goes for our craft area. Why spend an hour of your precious time cleaning?
  • Break your project into small steps. You can die cut all the parts for a card, color a page, trim a photo the first day. Then continue the process the next day.
  • Have spare supplies. This way you don’t have to stop the project all together to go to the store.
  • Give yourself permission to work the way you want to. Don’t feel guilty about not finishing projects or starting new ones while the older ones are languishing.
  • Don’t walk into your craft space feeling that “you’ve only got 15 minutes to_____”, think ” I have 15 minutes to ___for me!!”

‘Til next time,


Adventures in Card-Making

Pursuit – Contributions

 Dear Fellow Crafters,

     This month we concentrate on Contributions. How can you make a positive difference in the world? What have you done lately with your time, talent or treasure?

     Can you offer to help a neighbor or volunteer in your community in some way? Is there a Boy Scout/Girl Scout or other youth organization looking for help? School is just starting and programs are beginning all over towns – check your local newspapers for these events.

     On a personal note, I belong to a women’s club, GFWC which is an acronym for General Federation of Women’s Clubs whose members number over 100,000 in all of the 50 states and more than a dozen countries.We volunteer in our town and collect food for the local food pantry, collect grocery coupons for homeless veterans and a local animal shelter, and sponsor blood drives. We’re always looking for ways to help in our town.

     Your contribution doesn’t have to be on a grand scale or publicized. Remember, we are all in this together!

‘Til next time,


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